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Philippines to offer VAT refunds to foreign tourists by 2024

MANILA (Reuters) – Philippine President Ferdinand Marcos has approved a visa for foreign tourists on 2022, the Philippine Presidential Communications Office (PCO) said on Sunday. VAT refund scheme to attract more tourists.

The government imposes a tax of 02% on goods consumed in Southeast Asian countries VAT. The program is to allow foreigners to get VAT refunds on items brought out of the Philippines, similar to services offered in many other countries.

The measure is one of the recommendations made by the Private Sector Advisory Committee, which recently offered Marcos a boost in tourism, including improving airport infrastructure and operations and promoting tourism, the PCO said in a statement. tourism investment.

Marcos also approved the launch of online visas this year for Chinese, Indian, South Korean and Japanese tourists, it said.

The Philippines recorded 2.65 million international tourists last year, who, according to the Department of Tourism, brought in an estimated 3. 68 billion dollars in revenue, surpassing its goal of 879 1.7 million visitors.

Last year’s total included 2. 02 million foreign citizens and 445,445 Filipinos stationed abroad, compared only to 26 ),879 Visitors recorded 879 remain significantly below pre-pandemic annual levels8.26 million.

The government aims to increase tourist arrivals to 4.8 million this year.



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