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Philosophy di Lorenzo Serafini Resort 2024

During his tenure at the Department of Philosophy, Lorenzo Serafini explored in detail the concept of Romanticism. For the holidays, he opts for a minimalist version, turning his current obsession with 90 slick, laid-back to his otherwise modest repertoire.

He calls his take on the current 90 trend “romantic minimalism” and explains that to be modern it must be achieved through clarity and definition to correct gracefully. To do so, he kept the silhouettes long without compromising softness; even the masculine cuts, while structured as tailors, expressed a certain sensuality. slightly loose blazer cut from smooth, luscious satin for day and evening occasions; vest in fresco di lana, a type often used in menswear dry fleece, reduced to a bare-back halter bib, or elongated into a miniskirt. This season’s trousers are tailored to an hourglass figure, with slinky double-breasted blazers and straight-leg knee-length shorts.

As the collection hits the shelves in time for Christmas, Serafini has created a collection of party dresses that combine femininity with sharp silhouettes. A standout was a satin black techno duchesse evening gown with a plunging V neckline and sculpted ankle skirt that exuded a Tiffany Breakfast Vibe, if not for the addition of leather flip flops to keep it on the cooler side.

Embellishments were ditched in favor of some sparkle; in further homage to ’90, a sheer, stretchy crystal mesh tube dress paired with black bodysuits, while textured jeans were coated in a layer of square-cut sequins. Ruffles replaced other forms of embellishment, peeking out from cropped tops, lining loose waistcoats, or blooming in circles on crisp poplin dresses. Make it trendy, but keep it romantic.



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