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phoenix comics team ends in next chapter

team-phoenix Picture provided by Udon Entertainment

© Kenny Ruiz, Tezuka Productions, Akita Shoten

Akita Bookstore this year July issue magazine announced on Monday , Spanish artist Kenny Ruiz’s comic based on ‘s various characters Osamu Tezuka will end in the next issue of the magazine in July .

Udon Entertainment licensed manga. The company will launch the first page in November, and new books will be released every two months. Ruiz(Telémaco, Dos Espadas) In partnership with Tezuka Productions Manga*) in June 450. Volume 4 of the manga was released in Japan on April 7. % of the universe. Knight Sapphire, who was troubled by the pain of non-robots, made a decision for a new future. , include, , , , , and,etc. These works would go on to inspire future generations of comic book storytelling and artistic creation, earning him the nickname “The God of Comics.” Equally important is that he founded Mushi Production studio, he There he will helm most of his manga and other animated adaptations of his original works. Perhaps the most important of these is , based on Tezuka’s manga, It became the first half-hour cartoon in Japan. The show pioneered animation techniques and production methods, resulting in the earliest TV animation aesthetics and styles.

Source: July Issue



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