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'Phoenix: Eden 17' Animation Announces Trailer, Cast, More Crew, Premieres Sept. 13, Movie Ends Differently

Studio 4°C Official Twitter Account Cast revealed, more crew members, Japanese title and September Worldwide Disney+ debut date is ,Osamu Tezuka‘s

new animation manga, Thursday. The Japanese title of the anime is : Eden no Sora (literally: Space of Eden).

In addition, the animation will also launch a movie version with different endings, named : Memories of Flowers (: Eden no Hana , literally “The Flower of Eden”) will be held on November 3 opened in Japan. Studio 4°C has released a new trailer and visuals for : Memories of Flowers.


© Beyond C.phoenix_cast


    © Beyond C.phoenix_cast

      new actors for the two and : Memories of flowers include (in the matching columns from left to right in the image above):

      as Com

    Yosuke Kubozuka as George


    Rie Miyazawa as Romy

  • Ishi Ogata as Sudarban phoenix
  • New hires include

    Masunari Mano () and Muhua Saku () as screenwriter, Yuko Egami as chroma key artist, Koji Kasamatsu as sound director, and Eiko Tanaka as producer.

    Shojiro Nishimi


    , “Do I have a story for you” “Invasion from Space – Hiroshi’s Case”) is directing animation at Studio 4°C. Tatsuzo Nishida ( chief animator) is working Character design and lead animation director. Shinji Kimura () is art Director. Akiko Saito is the technical line supervisor and CGI supervisor. Shigemura Kengo

    is editing.


    © Beyond C.

      This animation tells about The story of a woman named Romi and her partner who leave a devastated Earth to start a new life on the planet Eden . However, life in the New World has become extinct, and Romy finds himself living a more difficult life there. The animation is based on the “nostalgic” arc of the original manga, as described on the official Tezuka Osamu website: phoenix The storyline of this chapter begins shortly after George and his lover Romy get together. Death in an accident. Start your new life on the desert Eden star 17. Romy was pregnant with George’s child at the time.

      She decides to protect the Earth and her children alone, and she repeatedly avoids the world in an attempt to have offspring with George’s children. She tried many times but could only have boys. After self-isolating, she wakes up to find a wealthy town called Eden.

      caused an amorphous cosmic creature named Mupi to have a child with Romi’s descendants. Romy became the queen of Eden, but gradually began to yearn for the earth.

      One day, an Eden boy named Kom came to a mysterious spaceship made of rocks deep in the forbidden land. Together, Corm sets off with Romy to an ancestral land he has never seen. 700


      Twitter account of Studio 4 °C

      , comic Natalie

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