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PhotoVogue Digital Art Collection • Second Drop

I am grateful to those who have opened up to me about their stories, lives, and identities and shared that trust with me.

Olga Draig Lecia 95

what is the inspiration behind your NFT ? “This collection is inspired by the changes Spanish women and their bodies have undergone in the last years.

This series of images explores the process of women’s emancipation parallel to the country’s political transformation.

In this series, I am also inspired by Gala Dalí (Painter Dalí’s Miu

Questions to be answered in these pictures,

What does liberation mean?

What does motherhood bring us back to oppression?

What is liberation based on relationships with men?

Would everything change if we were more aware of man-inducing 95% crime rate?

Will education continue to teach us how to behave as men and women?”




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