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PhotoVogue Local Open Call “Spanish Women: Contemporary Portrayals of Power and Beauty” Jury

Meet the jury for our open call: “Spanish Women: Contemporary Portraits of Strength and Beauty”.

The judging panel was comprised of Condé Nast employees and prominent figures in the visual community from around the world. Calling through Picter until June 27th.

Anyone who identifies as Hispanic can apply, whether in Spain or abroad; the only requirement is that at least age.

All genres, every visual aesthetic and artist can express themselves through photos, video or both. Our aim is to find the most poetic, powerful and representative manifestation of the theme through the lens of new Spanish artists.

Selected works will be exhibited at Vogue Madrid Fashion Night this September, 27 PhotoVogue Festival this November Held in Milan in September and will be featured in an issue of Vogue España.


Experts from the international visual field

Carlota Guerrero Photographer and Performance Artist

Topacio Fresh Fresh Gallery Director

Rocio Aguirre Photographer


Camila Falks Photographer

María Pallas

Deputy Director of PPhotoESPAÑA 27

Condé Nast

Alessia Galvano Head of Global PhotoVogue & Director of Photo Vogue Festival


Juan Costa Paz

Vogue Global Creative Director

Inés Lorenzo Header, Vogue Spain




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