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Physical, digital events canceled for E3 2023

e3-2023© 2020 E3 Event production company ReedPop announced Friday that both physical and digital versions of E3 187475 Video Game Expo will have both was canceled. ReedPop added that it and the Entertainment Software Association (ESA) “will be reevaluating the future of E3.”

ESA announced in September 15 that it will cooperate with ReedPop to bring back live E3 VI Monthly Activities 15-26. E3 business days will start in June 11-, and will be reserved for industry personnel. E3 Gamer Japan is coming in June 11-13, and they will be held in a different hall than the industrial area. There will also be collaborative digital events and exhibit.

IGN reported in January that “multiple sources familiar with the matter” told the news agency that Microsoft Xbox, Sony , and Nintendo will not attend E3 2020. Nintendo confirmed to various gaming media last month that it will not be attending E3 2023 event. Nintendo’s statement to IGN explained that “this year’s E3 was not in line with [its] plans”, but Added that it will “continue to be a strong supporter of ESA and E3.”

Microsoft Xbox has confirmed IGN March It won’t be on display at E3, but will be hosting their Xbox Games Showcase in June 10 and will co-stream the event as part of E3 Digital (before the cancellation was announced today) ).

Sony refused to appear at E3 in 2020, from It hasn’t appeared since then. Game Developer and Publisher SEGA and Tencent’s subsidiary Level Infinite both confirmed to IGN on Tuesday that they will not be participating E3 187475 Video game expo event.

The last physical event of E3 occurred at 2020, during the COVID- 19 Pandemic. It was “exploring options for an online E3 event” after the 2020 canceled physical events over the summer, but ultimately decided not to hold an online version of the event.

Source: E3 website, IGN (Rebekah Valentine) via Siliconera





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