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Piano Forest artist Makoto Isshiki to release new manga in April

March issue of Shogakukan Zokan

magazine revealed on Friday that Makoto Isshiki will be releasing a film titled -nichi ni wa Hana wo Kazatte (hang a flower on th Flower Day of the Month) in the next April issue of the magazine . This manga is a serialized version of Isshiki’s previous manga of the same name. bigbigbig© Shogakukan Inc. 194802, Makoto Isshiki Isshiki posted 13-nichi ni wa Hana wo Kazatte one-shot manga March Magazine 2018. The story is about a domestic helper named Nao Matsudaira. She was employed by the Murano family, a print shop owner and widowed homeowner, his four sons and their grandmother. Every month 13 family members will go to visit the grave with their mother. During one of the tomb visits, Matsudaira met a shivering cat.

The new serial comic will take place after the story of the one-off comic. Shogakukan quipped, “What color will the passing of time bring?”

Isshiki initiated the ongoing Lady Law (Lady Law and Seventh Day Forest) manga to Nanoka no Mori at May be 2023. The manga was discontinued in September 1998 due to Isshiki’s ill health.

Isshiki posted manga in at Kodansha at , it was published in the magazine until the magazine was published on 2020 discontinued . This series was resumed on

on 2019*) And end with 2006. Kodansha published 12 Volume 1 and final of the December series 2006.

Kodansha USA Publishing began digital distribution of comics in October425.

this12- The first season of the animation premiered on NHK in April 2018. Netflix streams the series exclusively. Netflix new series premieres in Japan immediately after airing on NHK , and debuts the season outside of Japan in September 2018. The second season of the anime premiered in Japan in January 2018. Netflix debuts outside Japan in June 2020.

Source: Zokan March issue and website big



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