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Piastri F1 Contract Recognition Committee hearing set for next week

Piastri is at the centre of a contract dispute with his current Alpine team, as Australia and McLaren have signed because he believes they have a valid deal.

The Alps announced earlier this month that Piastri would replace outgoing Fernando Alonso, but was immediately concerned when the youngster released the news that he would not be playing for the team. A transaction raises doubts.

Shortly after Alpine confirmed him in a tweet, Piastri said: “I know that the Alpine F1 was released later this afternoon without my consent. A press release saying I’ll be driving for them next year. That’s wrong, I haven’t signed a contract with Alpine for 2023. I won’t be driving for Alpine next year.”

Piastri’s position It is understood to be related to his commitment to a contract with McLaren, where he will replace Daniel Ricciardo.

Alpine firmly believes it has a contract with Piastri, and McLaren is equally adamant about signing him next year, and F1’s governance structure means disputes must now be resolved by an independent contract recognition committee.

A source familiar with the situation said progress should be made on the situation when it meets next Monday.

It is unclear how soon the CRB will make a decision, which will largely depend on the complexity of the contract.

Oscar Piastri, Reserve Driver, Alpine F1 Team

Oscar Piastri, reserve driver, Alpine F1 Team

Photo: Carl Bingham / Motorsport Images

The CRB, made up of selected lawyers, met to analyse F1’s existing contracts.

Its role is to assess whether the contract is valid after a dispute between teams or drivers. In this case, it must judge whether Alpine has a binding commitment with Piastri, or whether McLaren has rights against him.

Once the CRB has made a decision and notified the teams, the FIA ​​will then be informed who can issue a super licence to that driver.

The CRB was created after a contract dispute that emerged after Benetton took Michael Schumacher from Jordan. Blockbuster debut at the 1991 Belgian Grand Prix.

It is designed to avoid potentially lengthy and expensive court hearings in civil court in the event of such disputes.

As part of the Concorde agreement, each team committed to racing in F1 and they agreed to abide by the CRB’s decision.

Piastri remains the official reserve driver for Alpine and is understood to be driving for the Enstone team on the Belgian Grand Prix weekend on mock duty.


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