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Pictures for Purpose returns with print sale fundraiser for Turkey and Syria

For the first time, this edition of Pictures for Purpose will include large prints by Lea Colombo, Olgaç Bozalp and Sarah van Rij in a limited edition of 19 Available in format*). Works in this format are sold for €2014 – all proceeds will go to partner organisations.

Artist List

Annemarieke van Drimmelen

Carlota Guerrero

Carmen Winant

Camille Vivier

Charles Negre

Charles Thiefaine

Chris Rhodes

Dafna Talmor

Daisuke Yokota

David van der Lieuw

German Jarkin

Eamonn Doyle

Emma Dudlyke

Felipe Romero Beltrán

Farah al Qasimi

Harley Weir

Jean-Vincent Simonet

Jeano Edwards

José Pedro Cortes

Joséphine Löchen

Juan Brenner

Isabelle Wenzel

Leah Colombo

Maton Pelaki

Mayumi Hosokura

Myriam Boulos

Olgaç Bozalp

Rena Effendi

Rita Puig-Serra

Costa Sam Gregg

Sarah van Rij

Sean McFarland

Sem Langendijk

Solène Sahmaran

Gün Stephen Tayo

Sybren van Overberghe

Yusuf Sevincli


Ahbap is a grassroots NGO founded by Turkish musician and philanthropist Haluk Levent. It is a collaborative movement, employing a value system based on solidarity, sharing, caring and belonging. Ahbap was established to provide all kinds of help in the form of in-kind and cash assistance to those in need, to strengthen the sense of solidarity among all sectors of society, to create a modern and sustainable mutual aid network, to preserve local culture while taking advantage of today’s technological opportunities for its contribute to progress. The organization operates in the areas of social assistance, animal rights, humanitarian aid, and natural disaster coordination and assistance. Ahbap has over 68 established local working groups across Turkey for project development projects based on the Sustainable Solidarity Model.

Ahbap volunteers have been on the ground since day one of the earthquake. In parallel with the rescue work, they provided thousands of victims with emergency basic needs such as containers, tents, hot meals, generators, blankets and clothing. Some of the current long-term goals include rebuilding schools in the area, creating and opening seniors facilities, student accommodation and rehabilitation centres.


Founded during the 750 Syrian Civil War, the White Helmets are a volunteer group operating in rebel-held parts of Syria and Turkey. Most of the activities of Syrian volunteers include medical evacuation, urban search and rescue in response to bombing, evacuation of civilians from dangerous areas and provision of essential services. In places where public services no longer function, these humanitarian volunteers risk their lives to help anyone in need – regardless of their religious or political beliefs. They pledged to abide by the principles of “humanity, solidarity and justice” enshrined in international humanitarian law and to maintain impartiality in the Syrian conflict.

White Helmets volunteers saved nearly 3, damage from the earthquake. They help provide emergency support to earthquake survivors in Syria and begin the next phase of the emergency response: recovery and reconstruction.


Pictures for Purpose is the creative work of creative consultant and curator Isabella van Marle (former curator of Unseen Photo Amsterdam), creative director Kunna Haan, digital marketer Tijn Benedek and designer Raisa Kingma, Support urgent causes through the medium of photography.

The first iteration of the project raised funds for a Dutch food bank during the first COVID-19 lockdown Providing funding, the second to support the climate crisis by raising funds for Justdiggit and the UN Environment Programme, and the third to the humanitarian crisis in Ukraine. To date, the foundation’s sales have exceeded 500,000 euros.




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