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Pinocchio Star Finn Wolfhard, Director Guillermo Del Toro Discuss Chainsaw Man Anime In Video

Stranger Things Star Finn Wolfe Finn Wolfhard voiced Candlewick in the recently released Guillermo del Toro‘s Pinocchio animated film, and Wolfhard and del Toro sit down to watch a video published by WIRED magazine on Thursday.

In the video, the two use autocomplete suggestions to ask each other questions based on common Internet searches. 5: In the video below, del Toro asks Wolfhard the question, “Finn Wolfhard Do you like anime??” Wolfhard replied that he did love and respect anime, though he added that he wasn’t as “crazy” as his brother.

Wolfhard says in the video that his favorite anime is , he said the show was “very good”. He then added that he “still has to watch it,” and asked del Toro if he had already seen it. Unfortunately, del Toro hasn’t seen the series yet, but Wolfhard said “I hear it’s supposed to be incredible.”

Wolfhard’s brother is Nick Wolfhard, a voice actor who voiced Shun Midorikawa and Kai Minamisawa and Hokuto in the animated film “Toto” Mitarai. Nick Wolfhard also featured in The Last Kids on Earth for Jack is voiced and popular Twitch streamer.

Del Toro also revealed in the video that he and “other directors” (whom he did not want to be named) got together on Sunday to paint the model kit.

Hope Finn Wolfhard and del Toro get a chance to watch it soon. The series premiered in October and is now streaming Crunchy rolls .

Source: WIRED’s YouTube

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