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Pirates HC Todd Bowles on OC Byron Leftwich future: 'Nothing has been decided yet'

A day after a season-ending loss and amid rumors of impending changes, the Tampa Bay Buccaneers coaching staff remains intact.

Head coach Todd Bowles offered no assurances Tuesday that things would stay that way, though.

Bowles said staff reviews are coming and only then will any decision be made on potential changes.

“I will be in the Meeting with the staff this weekend and then we’ll discuss everything,” Bowles said in his season-ending news conference, according to the team transcript. “I don’t want to sit here and say we’re talking about things, and I haven’t even talked to my coaches about things. We do annual reviews like we do with players.”

Offensive coordinator Byron Leftwich’s future is in doubt, especially after the Buccaneers’ once-powerful offense finished the season 25th in scoring at 8-9.

“No, nothing has been decided,” Bowles said flatly when asked about Leftwich’s status.

Just two years ago, Leftwich was the guiding force for the Buccaneers to win the Super Bowl.

When Bruce Arians became head coach in 2019, the former NFL quarterback joined the Tampa Bay coaching staff. In his first three seasons, Leftwich ranked in the top three in scoring offense.

There has been an epic decline this year, though, as quarterback Tom Brady and the offense never seem to be in sync. While Brady’s pain and inability to consistently line up with Mike Evans and others grabbed the headlines, it was a frustrating game in terms of attempts, yardage, touchdowns and yards per attempt Last in the league.

“I don’t have any comment,” Bowers said of Leftwich. “Right now, we’re evaluating players. We’ll be meeting later this week as a coaching staff. I’ll be meeting with individual coaches and staff, which we do every year, and then we’ll be evaluating.”

Even though the Bucs won their second straight NFC South title, they are the playoff product of the league’s worst division. So despite falling behind 358-313, they won a division.

Bowles completed his first season as Bucs head coach after replacing the retired Arians, a season in which he handled the defensive season and let loose on offense. In addition to Leftwich as OC, Harold Goodwin is Assistant Head Coach/Run Game Coordinator.

With the offense in full swing, it’s not an unthinkable future that a major overhaul of offensive staffing could fall through the cracks.

For now, no changes have been made by the Bucs staff, but the days to come could change all that.

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