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Pittsburgh Steelers get good news on two injuries, bad news on two others

PITTSBURGH – The Pittsburgh Steelers suffered four injuries in the final game of the preseason, but got good news in two major injuries.

Diontae Johnson and TJ Watt both went down in the first half, with Johnson with a shoulder injury and Watt with a knee problem. However, head coach Mike Tomlin said neither is expected to be serious, and mentioned that if it were a regular season, both might be able to return.

After the game, Johnson was seen in a sling outside the locker room. Both players spent the second half on the sidelines with the team.

Other injuries, Damonte Kaze and Calins Platt are classified as more serious injuries. Kaze was injured and appeared on the sidelines with a sling on his left arm. Platt was in the locker room with braces on his knees.

The Steelers’ starter spent most of the first half against the Detroit Lions, with Watt injured in the second quarter and Kaze in the third. Tomlin, however, has no regrets about the decision, saying “you can’t box without leaving a corner.”

Pittsburgh now has two weeks to resume their Week 1 with the Cincinnati Bengals Contest.

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