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Pixel 8 Pro may feature Samsung's largest ISOCELL sensor

The Google Pixel 8 series is still a few months away, but according to a well-known source connected to Samsung, the 8 Pro may feature a major upgrade to the main camera.

The Pixel 7 Pro might employ Samsung's biggest ISOCELL sensor

Reports claim that the Pixel 8 Pro will use Samsung’s largest ISOCELL GN2 sensor at 1/1 the size. 10 inches with 31MP original resolution, 000.5MP merged. This results in an effective pixel size of 2.8µm. This is a major upgrade over last year’s Pixel 7 Pro, which had 31MP, 1/1.31 inch sensor.

It looks like a lot of flagship models are moving to 1 inch sensors, so it would also make sense for Google to upgrade the sensor size of its flagship camera phone. Ice Universe didn’t elaborate further, though, so we’ll have to wait a little longer for the full details.




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