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Pixel Watch may be more expensive than Samsung Galaxy Watch5

The Google Pixel Watch hasn’t been fully detailed, even though the company confirmed it will launch this fall alongside the Pixel 7 series. We still know very little about the device, but the latest leak claims to have revealed its pricing.

The Pixel Watch might be more expensive than the Samsung Galaxy Watch5

According to reports, the LTE version of the Pixel Watch costs $1 399 In the US, it is less expensive than having LTE connectivity $ The Samsung Galaxy Watch5 is a little more expensive. The Watch5 Pro is much more expensive, though, at 500 for the LTE version.

If the report is correct, Google will have a hard-to-use outdated Exynos 9110 chipset and a small mAh battery sells its watch. For reference, Samsung has been using the newer Exynos W920 SoC since last year’s Galaxy Watch4 series.

However, the non-LTE variant might make more sense but we don’t have pricing for this model, so we’ll have to wait until Google officially announces it, probably next month.





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