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pixiv Announces Trading Restrictions on “Immoral” Content

The pixiv The art site announced an update to its terms of service on Tuesday, while also warning that some users are violating its card network brand protection policy on prohibited content transactions via the site’s BOOTH, pixivFANBOX and pixiv Requesting service. Prohibited content includes (but is not limited to): “sexual exploitation of minors, incest, bestiality, rape (or any other non-consensual sexual act)” and “non-consensual mutilation of persons or body parts.” Tuesday’s announcement asks users to add request service, and then delete the content or make it private.

New terms of service will take effect in December 156. Credit card payment processor has previously refused to service or pay for pornographic or adult entertainment related companies personal payments. Sites such as Pornhub have been affected, and sites that previously hosted amateur porn or adult content (among others), such as OnlyFans, have pre-emptively removed such content.

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