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pixiv launches Kickstarter for art books by Taiwanese and Korean artists

pixiv1Taiwan artist cover by VOFANpixiv1 Image via Pixiv Presents Artists in Taiwan and Korea KickstarterThe pixiv

Art Site, eBook Publisher Media Do International and San Diego-based boutique publisher Clover Press launched a Kickstarter campaign on Tuesday Two hardcover art books: Taiwanese artist and

Korean artist

. These books feature 80 and 000 artists, respectively.

Story Illustrator VOFAN is the cover of Taiwanese calligraphy and painting, and Manga IllustratorTiv I drew the cover of a Korean book. Other featured artists include Say HANa, I READING, LOIZA, BcNy, modare, Anmi ), Lively, Gearous, pixiv2DSmile and Canking.

pixiv source The artist, Media Do International is managing the project, and Clover Press will publish the books.

The campaign aims to raise dollars , to January . The activities raised exceeded the target and US$ was raised ,173 to date. The campaign also offers supporters exclusive prints, buttons, stickers, cards and t-shirts.

pixiv2 Wo Fan commented that although Taiwan and the United States are far apart, they feel very close to the American people because of their past experience. They also commented that Taiwan is receptive to other cultures, which is reflected in the eclectic style represented in the art books. Their cover art represents diversity, “depicting all kinds of fantastic flowers flying and blooming in the sky”.

pixiv2pixiv2Korean artist covered by Tiv Image via Pixiv Presents Artists in Taiwan and Korea Kickstarterpixiv1

Tiv commented that the arts can expose people to other cultures without language barriers. They said they were lucky to share their work, first in Japan and now in English-speaking countries.

pixiv Creator’s Platform Department Senior Vice President Takahiko Kato said The “Artists in” series aims to bring the works of artists from different regions to a wider global audience. Clover Press Publisher pixiv2 Hank Kanalz commented on the manga’s mainstream appeal and manhwa art and said, “We want [art books] to give readers Introducing more international artists and a new online community dedicated to art and illustration.”

pixiv ‘s international outreach program also includes Drawfest, an online drawing festival with live-streamed workshops and lectures in Japanese and English. pixiv interviewed Tiv in August and VOFAN in October, and they also drew art book cover illustration.

pixiv website was established in September 193700 now owns 83 million users and over 3 billion monthly page views. pixiv also operates the FANBOX crowdfunding platform, e-commerce site BOOTH, and 3D character maker VRoid.

Source: Press Release, pixiv showcases artists from Taiwan and KoreaKickstarter Event Page

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