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Plan C Fall 2023 ready-to-wear collection

Carolina Castiglioni softened the edges and corners of Plan C for fall, adding a feminine touch to the collection. Don’t expect any changes in girly style, though, as Castiglioni retains her workwear-inspired, utility-oriented ethos; she’s just adding the eclectic factor, always with an eye toward the balance of taste that’s ingrained in her creative DNA .

Detachable bows are a feminine touch she adds to suits, knit pieces and hybrid coats, where structure is also simplified while remaining fun and slightly edgy. Silhouettes remain precise but less rigid, and contrasts between different fabrics in the same garment create a fresh effect. A boxy coat combined black padded taffeta with tobacco brushed wool, while a salt and pepper tweed coat was bonded with fuzzy teddy wool. Likewise, a flowing apron dress is paneled and printed in three different microprints—one replicating a delicate vintage lingerie pattern, one geometric and a third abstract, as if It is lit from behind. Miniskirts and frilly bras worn over poplin shirts and baggy trousers, and overall smaller, smaller proportions, also suggested a softer, lighter energy at work.

Castiglioni’s artistic spirit is displayed in color block combinations, a highlight of her collection. Pistachio and amethyst, lime and tobacco, and accents of sky blue, mint and black create a captivating musical palette.



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