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'Plan C' review: Sensitive doctor paints warrior for women's right to choose

Documentary filmmaker Tracy Droz Tragos’ timely, uplifting latest feature film Project C exemplifies her earlier work The de facto sequel to 2016’s Abortion: Stories Women Tell because of this Both films revolve around one of the most controversial issues in American politics. But while Stories focus on the impact and experiences of ordinary people terminating pregnancy or helping others obtain safe, legal procedures, Plan C portrays the Portraits of the Man on the Front Lines of the Choice War: The Founders and Organizers Who Run Plan C. This grassroots organization advises women on and helps access so-called abortion pills, recently declared safe by the FDA, but overturned in the Supreme Court Roe v. Wade in Many states that ban abortion after it is technically illegal.

Clearly, the film has intrinsic social utility as it provides an informative explanation of how these drugs (mainly called mifepristone, used in combination with misoprostol) safely terminate pregnancy Oral or vaginal use by pregnant women for weeks. Audiences can only hope it gets through more festivals after its Sundance premiere Exposure, and eventually airing on national television like Abortion: Stories Women Tell. Tragos also offers a neat potted history of how abortion law changed in the US after the Dobbs decision, from doctors, Plan C volunteers, and those seeking and willing to Perspective allows their voices, and in some cases even faces, to be seen on screen.

Plan C

Bottom line Mobile and Emergency.

Place : Sundance Film Festival (Premiere) and: Francine Coeytaux, Elisa Wells, Robin Marty, Dr. Torres, Dr. Amaon, Frances Morales, Carrie Baker, Loretta J. Ross, Farah Diaz- Tello, Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, Director/Producer: Tracy Droz Tragos 1 hour minutes

taking into account Risk of prosecution and violence, several of the respondents here have chosen to hide their identities in one way or another, either through digital obfuscation, limiting the view of their facial features, or simply withholding their full names. One doctor, whose voice was distorted throughout the process to keep her identity safe, said she remained anonymous to the camera only because she needed to protect her husband and children. Nobody in their right mind would blame her, or anyone else they meet here, who are sacrificing their safety no less than Stories Women Tell braving the cordon tip People who call, so- called anti-abortionists.

In fact, the film emphasizes in a strange way that those who support the right to choose now have more reason to wish. In a way, one of the worst outcomes – Roe’s downfall – has already happened. As long as people continue to work to stop Republicans from doing the worst and passing federal laws banning abortion nationwide, those seeking to terminate a pregnancy will still be able to get abortion pills from states that haven’t already banned or severely restricted them.

Plan C founders Francine Coeytaux and Elisa Wells were instrumental as lobbyists and activists in ensuring that Plan B, also known as the morning-after pill, was widely available in U.S. pharmacies . The urgent need to expand access to Plan C treatment during the pandemic has resulted in a global expansion of the network of doctors and those able to distribute abortion pills to Americans, and this film introduces us to some of the everyday things that make it all happen. Likely People.

Extensive archival news material is used to explain key moments in the reproductive rights struggle, but most of the stories emerge organically from the interviewees themselves. Together, they form a portrait quilt of diverse ages, races and sexual orientations, all of them united by a grim determination to fight a battle that will continue in many forms for years to come.

Full credits

Venue: Sundance Film Festival (Premiere) with: Francine Coeytaux, Elisa Wells, Robin Marty, Dr. Torres, Dr. Amaon, Frances Morales, Carrie Baker, Loretta J. Ross, Farah Diaz-Tello, Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, Production companies: Dinky Pictures, XTR, Lismore Road Productions, Kopcho Reproductive Justice Fund, The Case for Her Director/Producer: Tracy Droz Tragos Executive Producers: Jess Jacobs, Dr. Holly Corn, Jonathan Kaufelt, Margaret Munzer Loeb, Kathryn Everett, Bryn Mooser, Tracy Droz Tragos Joint Executive Filmmakers: Monika Parekh, Tracy Segal, Evan Segal co-producers : Nancy Blachman, Erin Samueli Director of Photography: Derek Howard, Emily Topper
Editor: Mered ith Rathiel Perry Music: Nathan Halpern Music Director: Tyler Boudreax
Sales: LGNA/CAA 1 hour minute

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