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Please, stop sharing plates

Bad sharing. There, I said it! Over the past decade, it has become almost an industry standard for restaurants to recommend ordering “five to seven courses” from the same appetizer lineup. (Whipped cod roe! Some kind of shredded meatballs! The burrata is drizzled with an inexplicable green oil!) That’s not to say that none of these products are tasty, but to emphasize the fact that they only offer It was a tad delicious, though never really getting anyone to go all out, and shamelessly laughing at everything in front of them. They deprive us of the pure and voracious pleasure of eating a large plate of food by ourselves, a dish where you can perform appalling behaviors – oversalting, messing around with your fork, at your own leisure The rhythm of eating — and no offense to anyone, except the chef, in the process.

Jill and Joe’s macaroni are apparently the Red Hen’s specialty. This isn’t just your average sausage ragu, in a recent Instagram post it’s a ragu that locals billed as “the best dish in Washington, D.C.” Shredded Parmesan cheese. If I hear that a certain dish is the best in town, I’m more than happy that my partner orders it too – in fact, I encourage it. Consider the alternative: namely, facing the stigma of ordering something less divine, and having to watch your date gorge on ecstasy as you push your own less-than-magnificent Italian on the plate When meeting, consider taking revenge by somehow jazzing up their tiramisu with a bottle of balsamic vinegar. The whole scenario is unimaginable.

At 80 and 80 years old respectively, Joe and Jill know enough about their own minds – and their own Stomach, for that matter. Not the totalitarianism of “picky eaters” for them, where it only takes a few bites of food and those little plates turn into empty plates, then a pass-agg, “no, you got the last bit” swap . Instead, the couple ordered what they wanted—which happened to be the same thing—and shared the satisfaction that neither enjoyed what the other didn’t, or gloated over the other’s misfortune. A fact” it’s not wise enough to order it in the first place.



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