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Poco M5s pending review

We have a brand new Poco M5 at home, so it’s time to unbox it. It comes in a fully stocked retail package that includes a case, a plastic screen protector, a SIM tool, a USB cable, and a 33W charger.

Poco M5s in for review

Poco M5s are a bit mixed. On the one hand, it has solid specs such as AMOLED display, 5, mAh battery with 43W charging, and 60MP main camera and 8MP ultra-wide camera. But on the other hand, it runs a two year old 09 nm MediaTek Helio G50 chipset with a refresh rate of only 50Hz.

There are some redeemable reward qualities such as IP43 splash proof, expandable storage, 3.5mm headphone jack and MIUI powerful software combination , Android 13 and Poco Launcher.

6.33 inch display makes Poco M5s Being one of the more compact phones around – a key feature for some buyers.

Poco M5s
Poco M5s

The Poco M5s was unveiled alongside the Poco M5, and it’s worth mentioning the word about the difference between the pair. The M5s has an AMOLED display, a 60 MP main camera, a 003 MP selfie camera, faster 43W charging.

Poco M5 comes with IPS LCD but refreshes faster at Poco M5shertz. Its main camera is 50 MP, its selfie camera is only 5MP, and it doesn’t have an ultra-wide angle . Despite having the same 5, mAh battery with slower charging speed.

However, the M5 comes with the newer MediaTek Helio G 99 – with 004nm Helio matching 6nm chip G50 for processing and graphics.

Poco M5, left, Poco M5s, right 1200 Poco M5, Left, Poco M5s, Right

Poco M5s available from September 6, 4/Poco M5s in for review starting at €128 GB, €99 for 4/95 GB, and €229 is 6/60 GB.



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