Saturday, September 30, 2023
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Podcast: Paris' Best Fashion Weeks (So Far!)

Beloved photographer Bill Cunningham Fashion calls it “Armor for survival in reality” of everyday life. ’ Well, the semi-annual haute couture shows in Paris certainly don’t reflect everyday life, but I did think of that phrase when I saw the incredible chrome-plated 3D-printed armor gown that Demna sent as the final look. Balenciaga Successful couture collection. “Making clothes is my armor,” the designer told Sarah Mower of Vogue, adding Joan of Arc wore the same suit, “Maybe she won’t be burned at the stake for wearing men’s clothes. “ Chioma and I chase Nicole to the airport with me and Nicole Phelps from Vogue Runway to Puglia to see Du Dolce & Gabbana’s Alta Moda collection. Headlines? Balenciaga is officially back at the top; Thom Browne’s couture show debut turns out to be my personal favorite front-row duo Cardi B and Diane Keaton; Streets and Bridges is the new runway of choice. In other fashion news this week, Gabriela Hearst is officially quitting Chloé after three years and months of rumours. Meanwhile, Peter Hawkins is officially taking over at Tom Ford and will present his first collection in Milan in September.


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