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Podcast: The Wonderful World of Summer Hero Beauty, Spice Walks, and Barbie Collectibles

Have we reached the top yet

Barbie crazy yet? Not quite! Since Chioma and I had the privilege of attending an early screening at Warner Bros. Hudson Yards headquarters last week, our world has remained pink. This week, Vogue Contributing Beauty Editor Arden Fanning Andrews joins us to discuss her complete Barbie makeover. Arden, who describes her natural aesthetic as soft goth, more Keanu Reeves than Margot Robbie, donned a bespoke blonde by celebrity hairstylist Evanie Frausto Wig and make-up by Pat McGrath Labs master Jenna Kuchera for a complete transformation into a beautiful Barbie doll. Arden also discusses her summer hero products, including a balm that dominates them all, Bonjout’s Le Balm Skin Savior Solid Serum, and her must-have sunscreen for a Bare Minerals complexion To the rescue…though the real secret to her summer skin is physical coverage, like the mani gloves Arden wears on Manhattan walks, to protect her pristine hands. We also discuss the summer workout trend, and nothing seems to be breaking the bank. Think Pilates and… walking. Yes, TikTok is reinventing the mundane again with Hot Girl Walks, which are basically just… women walking around, but we’re here to recommend it!



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