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Pokémon Scarlet/Violet Games Trailer Introduces New Pokémon Wiglett

Official YouTube channel starts airing Thursday new trailers for Scarlet and

Piece Violet , Game The latest entry for Franchise

. Video introduces the new water garden eel – Wiglet. Wiglet is similar to Diglet, but it is a different species.

Singer-songwriter Ed Sheeran has released the official music video for his song “Celestial”, which will be played in the upcoming game.

The game will be available globally on NintendoSwitch in November

The competition will have three main stories, one of which is the standard eight gym challenge. In Scarlet/Violet, no paths are set, so players can visit gyms in any order. There will also be a full “treasure hunt” in the new Paldea area. Players can travel the world as bikes on the new cover legends Koraidon and Miraidon. Legendary partners offered will depend on the version of the game owned.

The game will feature a new superstar phenomenon, where Pokémon can superstar, becoming glowing jewel-like versions of themselves and increasing their movement strength. All Pokémon can be Teratalized. Some Pokémon will change types and have alternate forms when Terastallizing. Pikachu has become a flying type with a balloon on its back, and Ibrahimovic may become other Terra type in addition to the normal type. Players can join Tera Raids with up to three other players to fight Terastalized Pokémon. In these battles, everyone can attack at the same time. Union Circle also allows for cooperative play outside of Tera Raids.

There will be a new “Let’s Go!” title feature. This feature allows players to send their Pokémon to independently explore areas in specific directions. The feature also allows players to take advantage of a new game mechanic called “auto-battles,” allowing Pokémon to gain items and experience points by fighting and defeating wild Pokémon.

New Pokémon include Fidough, Cititan, Pawmi, Lechonk, Smoliv, and Grafaaii. Wooper will get a new Paldean form. The first Pokémon are Sprigatito, Fuecoco, and Quaxly.

The characters include Karlville, the head of the Pokémon Academy, Jacques, the teacher of biology, the teacher of the class, Nimona, a friend who loves fighting, senior chef Arvin, Shy Penny and ice gym leader Grusha. Previously revealed roles include new professors Sada and Turo.

Flying Pikachu will be an early purchase bonus.

GAME FREAK Develop these games again. The last brand new main entry in the series is Sword ) and Shield, launched on Switch in November 2019.

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