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Pokémon YouTuber's pet fish accidentally leaks owner's credit card info

YouTuber Mutekimaru, known for having his pet fish play Pokémon on-stream, went viral again earlier this week, and his feat Than beat without any game against thumbs: During the Violet stream, An unexpected error caused the fish to leave the game and enter the Nintendo eShop, which not only leaked the owner’s credit card information, but also purchased 100 Yen (about $4).

Mutekimaru (also known as Maurice ) set up a system that allowed his Siamese fighting fish (also known as Betta) to “play” the game. Mutekimaru divides his tank into different sections designated as the Left, Right, Up, Down, A and B buttons of the Nintendo Switch Controller. A camera was then set up to track the fish’s movement as it swam through various parts of its tank.

Fish has played so far 2020 , hours and Hall of Fame six Title goes well. In , they even found in Sapphire

A hitherto unreported glitch , and another was discovered in Sword last July.

However, the fish may actually be Smarts are for their own good, as an unexpected error occurred during the Violet

stream causing the game to When turned off, the fish finally took control of the Switch’s main menu. First, they changed their username from “Mutekimaru” to “Rowawawa¥”. Then they visited the Nintendo eShop and started wreaking havoc, using Mutekimaru’s credit card to add 100 Yen to his eShop balance. After viewing the Minecraft eShop page, the fish visited the Nintendo Switch Online and spent some login points. Only then did they (seemly) decide to call it a day and put the Switch in sleep mode.

Suddenly getting an automated email about his fish purchase and finding out his credit card info was leaked on a live stream must be a thing As frustrating as things are, Mutekimaru sees the humor in the situation. On Sunday, he posted a tweet about what happened. The tweet quickly went viral, accumulating more than 20, Forward.

What a great way to end a fish playing saga. In December, Mutekimaru announced in a video that after the current Violet run, the stream would end as the fish would move to his parents’ house. He will still visit his pets regularly, but the YouTube channel will have to continue in a different format. Thanks for all the memories!

Source: Email Correspondence, Automaton (Yusuke Oizumi)





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