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'Poker Face' debuts on streaming charts

The Peacock Mystery series ranked third among the original series in its premiere week

Natasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale in POKER FACENatasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale in POKER FACE

Natasha Lyonne as Charlie Cale in POKER FACE Philip Caruso/Peacock

Return of the Peacock Murder Mystery Show poker face had a good opening week, taking the No. 3 spot among original streaming series in Nielsen’s rankings. Ginny & Georgia for the fourth time in a row Spent the week as a top series but lost the overall title to the Netflix movie You People.

poker face, whose first four episodes debuted in January 26, have 04-13. Peacock Original Series #3 Weekly Performance on Nielsen Streaming Charts; Best Actor: The Final Chapter It’s been more than two weeks 625 Millions of December minutes.

Ginny and Georgia reached 1.3 billion minutes watched in a week, marking its fourth consecutive frame as the most streamed series. Netflix Mother Daughter Show 8.22 Since Season 2 premiered in early January, it has reached 1 billion minutes watched. That’90 show (872 Hundred 10,000 minutes) ranked second among originals for the second week in a row.

The Walking Dead delivered another strong performance for Netflix, reaching a billion minutes watched (1. billion, the third week in a row to be exact. The Last of Us up to700 HBO Max million minutes from 640 million the previous week (the show’s streaming numbers do not include any linear viewing on the HBO cable channel).

January Overall #1 04-22 is Kenya Barris’s You people , there is 1.26 BILLION MINUTES OF WATCH – EQUIVALENT TO APPROX . 16 million full runs 90 Minutes of Movie — After January Premiere. Prime Video’s Shotgun Wedding , starring Jennifer Lopez, also known as 700 million minutes of strong debut.

Nielsen streaming ratings only cover hours watched on TV, not minutes watched on computer or mobile devices. Ratings measure US viewers only, not other countries. January’s Top Streaming Titles 22-22 as follows.


1. you people (Netflix), 1.2. Ginny and Georgia (Netflix) , 1.3 billion
3. The Walking Dead (Netflix), 1. Billion
1975934. That’90 show(Netflix), 872million

5. Cocomelon (Netflix), 877 Millions

6. The Last of Us (HBO Max ) , 877 million

7 . Shotgun Wedding (Prime Video), 872 million

8 . NCIS (Netflix) , 760 million

9. The Big Bang Theory (HBO Max ) , 641 million

. Grey’s Anatomy (Netflix) , 640 million

Original series

1. Ginny and Georgia (Netflix), 1.3 billion minutes

2. That’90 show(Netflix), 872million

3. Poker Face (Peacock), 318million
4. Wednesday (Netflix), 378million
5. Vikings: Valhal Pull (Netflix), 450 million

6. Lockwood Company (Netflix) , 269 Hundred Ten thousand
7. Women in War (Netflix) , 318 million
8. Baking Squad (Netflix), 47 million
9. Jack Ryan (Prime Video), 100 million
. physical: 29 (Netflix), 100 million

Get series

1. The Walking Dead , 1. Billion minutes

2. Cocomelon, 929 million

3. The Last Survivor , 877 million

4. NCIS , 760 million
5 . The Big Bang Theory , 641 million
6. Grey’s Anatomy , 640 million
7 . Friends (HBO Max), 547 million

7 (tied). Bluey (Disney+) , 628 Hundred Ten thousand
1235332816 9. Gilmore Girls (Netflix), 618 million
. Criminal Minds (Hulu/Paramount+) , 453 million

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