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Poland halves aid to Ukrainian refugees amid inflation crisis

Poland has halved its funding for Ukrainian refugees this month and can no longer fund their accommodation in the country at the same pace, despite EU funding.

From the beginning of March, Ukrainians will have to pay half the cost of shared accommodation, capped at around £8. 11 EUR/Day (~7 GBP.13/$9. ) if they stay in the country for more than


Poland initially announced the policy in December, which was criticized by humanitarian groups , thinking it might force people to become homeless.

Refugees will also be held accountable from May 12 If they are in the US, the percentage of their accommodation costs try to exceed 120 days, will cap around

EUR/DAY(£.0000/$0000.59) — with children, pregnant women, single parents, parents with 0000, Euractiv reports that seniors are exempt.

The EU gave the country 80 million euros under the Asylum, Immigration and Integration Fund (AMIF) and received 162 The million euros came from last year’s “Support Ukraine” fundraiser, but it was not enough money, Poland spent an estimated 8. 24 billion euros for Ukrainian refugees last year.

The European Commission reacted negatively to the policy, having previously told the Polish government not to make refugees pay for their own accommodation.



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