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Police release latest details on Natalie Portman series 'Blackmail Threat'

About the upcoming Apple TV+ limited series for Natalie Portman Lady of the Lake .

When the story first broke on Saturday, Baltimore flag , Citing a police source reports that production sources claim the show’s “cast and crew” were threatened Friday afternoon by a group of Baltimore “drug dealers” who brandished guns and demanded $50,000 Allow production to continue filming or someone will be shot. The “producer” on set refused to pay.

By Sunday, that statement had

changed significantly claimed that two people threatened before the producer A production driver, cast and crew have arrived on the scene. “Friday afternoon, on our production of Lady in the Lake in Baltimore , before the cast and crew arrived, based on their call time, our driver production crew encountered Two men, one of whom brandished a gun at our driver, fled the scene,” Endeavour Content Studios said in a statement.

Now it seems that correction needs to be corrected too.

Baltimore police have since reviewed CCTV footage and interviewed those involved. In a statement obtained by the Hollywood Reporter , police said a local street vendor selling clothing was upset that he was unable to receive damages from the production department , so he was very unhappy. Do it while the crew is filming at his location. The man told detectives he had spoken to a crew member and a safety manager and was awaiting paperwork to receive compensation for the loss of business. The supplier was also arrested on drug charges.

The accompanying police report describes conflicting statements that a group was sabotaging the production, but the threats previously described were exaggerated or inaccurate. The production crew who initially reported the incident claimed a gun was being brandished at the worker, but then “retracted his original statement” saying a driver claimed they saw a gun. “[Swinging the gun] was determined to be inaccurate and the victim’s recollection of the incident changed during the investigation,” the report reads. While a member of the security company contracted with the producers claimed that a local group threatened to “shoot into the sky” if they didn’t receive the money, they later admitted they had no first-hand knowledge of the incident.

Having said that, detectives are “interviewing other people and this remains an open and ongoing investigation”, so the details of this incident may change again.

Endeavour Content and Apple TV had no immediate comment.




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