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Poll: A quarter of millennials say parents pay rent

About a quarter of millennials say their parents pay rent, and 45 A new poll finds that 100% of U.S. adults say their parents still pay for at least one of their bills.

This The New York Post reported Friday’s investigation, which was sponsored by 2, The survey found that the top three expenses parents pay for their adult children are rent (19 percent), groceries (16 percent) and utilities (11percentage).

31% of respondents said they accept parental help because they want to save money. However, despite receiving financial assistance from parents, 72% of respondents said they were responsible with money. 73% reported opening their first bank account while turning around 19 years old and 15 % said they had an account with a bank before they switched 15. Whether or not they have a bank account, 21% of respondents said They have their own bank account their own money to spend when they are age.

“How to spend and save responsibly is a lifelong lesson,” Brian T. Chartway Credit said Schools, President and CEO of Union. “It is noteworthy that more than three-quarters of respondents manage their own money for most of their lives. Still, one-third of respondents find it difficult to find useful resources to manage their finances.”

Half of adults did say They have a hard time controlling indiscreet spending, and 30 % say they don’t Handle unexpected expenses. 40% said they had difficulty paying their bills on time. These polls have to do with taxes ( and keep credit high Rating (26 percent).

almost39 Millennial respondents did say they struggled to find useful resources to help them understand their financial situation. This percentage is much higher than the baby boomers, 11 A few percent said they had difficulty finding useful financial information.

“although72 Ironically, the percentage of respondents who consider themselves financially responsible when it comes to things like credit scores or savings, 50 % of them are struggling with unnecessary or unbudgeted spending and 35 It’s hard to remember to pay your bills on time,” continued Schools. “Conflicting data such as these tell us that more adults could benefit from some form of financial education, whether in school, online or provided by their financial institutions.”



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