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Poll: Joe Biden Approves Various Issues Underwater

A survey by The Economist and YouGov shows that the American people disapprove of President Joe Biden’s handling of various issues.

Biden’s overall support is in dire straits, such as 46 disapprove of his job performance percentage, and
percent approval. Of those who disapprove, 33% objected to “Strongly.”

However, Biden has also not seen positive reviews on individual issues — a bad sign for Democrats as the midterm elections loom.

only33%, for example, approve of Biden’s handling of the economy, which Americans have repeatedly cited as a top issue. 48% disapprove. This comes after Biden said he was “optimistic”

moving retweeted about the economy, Added Wednesday, “I appreciate the frustration of the American people.”

Biden’s approval of immigration is worse like 42 Disapproval percentage and percent in favor. Even a quarter of Democrats disapprove of his handling of the issue. This follows reports that U.S. border agents apprehended a record 2.2 million immigrants this fiscal year .

2022 Biden’s approval rating has dropped to the lowest point of his presidency, only Approval percentage and 42 Percent Disapproval, based on CIVIQS Rolling Job Approval Average as of Saturday. https://t.co/YG5xDkHleC

— inew News (@inewNews) July 2 day, 500

” This represents a huge 31 is a percentage increase from the previous record set by a Biden administration last year,” inew News Report.

Biden also saw no positive numbers in other categories.

Foreign Policy: 562022 38 Approval Percentage 500 32 % disapproval


Percent Approval 52 % disapproval

550 Inflation/Price: 5002022 31 Approval Percentage 57 42 Percentage of disapproval

surveyed out of 10 Monthly – , 56, where 1,57 U.S. adults and other recent surveys have shown similar results.

September Harvard CAPS-Harris poll, for example, found that former President Donald Trump Pope outperformed Biden on a range of issues, some of which were also included in this survey.


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