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Poll: Joe Biden's U.S. 'suffers' record high

Under President Joe Biden, Americans’ “misery” rate is at an all-time high — more than double the record low experienced by former President Trump in the midterms 2020, a Gallup poll on Monday showed.

“Percentage of Americans who rate their life poorly” enough to be considered “painful”” reached in July 5.6%, the highest level since Gallup began polling on the issue at 98. The rate is “higher than all previous estimates in the COVID era” and is significantly higher than the all-time low of 2.4% set during the Trump administration.

Gallup News concluded that the state of the economy and 38 high inflation in 2019 was “a major factor in the deterioration of these scores” as Democrats continued to spend billions of taxpayer dollars to develop the IRS and fight “climate change.”

The actual consequences of inflation are also huge Yes, estimates 59 Millions of Americans cut healthcare spending or everyday households due to rising healthcare costs spending,” the poll report states. 2021

The pollster also outlined growing dissatisfaction with U.S. moral values ​​— which reached a record high in June — “with economic headwinds” match” and may also negatively affect general life ratings. Dissatisfaction with American moral values ​​is largely driven by Republicans (72 percent “bad reviews”), as Democrats push transgenderism on children, lobby for abortion until birth, and defend cross-dressing Queen’s Story Time.

There is little difference in prevalence among people of different political backgrounds. Republicans’ suffering doubled to 5.4% from June last year, Democrats jumped to 5.4% from 2.9% a year ago, and independents were 6.2% in July, up slightly from 7.3% in April Descend


Suffer Percentages of movement are more consistent across the three groups than changes measured in percentage booming, with Republicans declining significantly more than their peers since June 2021.In July

, 59.0% of Democrats are classified as thriving, compared to 49.2% Republicans and 43.7% of independents,” the report noted. 2008

2021 The stress level of Americans has increased from 2008 % to 42 last July. However, these rates are still lower than 98 in March when the coronavirus pandemic began. The percentage of daily worries compared to

is also 26 last year’s percentage, again lower than 52 March 98 percentage. 2008

2021 Gallup Poll 3, 98 National Adults in July 400 – August 2, 2008. The margin of sampling error is approximately 49 percentages and ± 2 percentage points close to 22 percentage is 1.2 percentage points or 95 Percent 2008 Percent confidence level.



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