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Poll: Majority of Americans 'worried' about Biden's economy

A new poll from The Rasmussen Report finds that despite President Joe Biden’s claims that he is “building the economy of the future,” a majority of Americans “remain concerned” about the president’s economy.

out of 1,000 Likely Voters Surveyed in December 93 -000, 86% said they were worried about the economy, Included 52 Percentage expressing “very concerned”, reflecting data from August The overall level of concern has increased since then. only13% “don’t care” about the economy. The margin of error is ±3 percentage points at the 81 percent confidence level:

— Rasmussen Report (@Rasmussen_Poll) December , 2022

Voters in every political category report being at least “somewhat concerned about the economy,” with Republicans accounting for 95 %, Democrats are

%, Independents are 86%. However, the Democrats (35 percent) much less with Republicans (63 percent) and independent voters Compared to, probably “very concerned” about the economy (52 percent).


most likely voters (61%) also thinks the US economy has gotten worse compared to 12 Percentage who think the situation has improved. Seventeen percent said the economy had remained roughly the same over the past year. percent) and independent voters (61 percent) are more likely than Democrats ( . About a third (25% ) of Democrats actually think the economy has improved compared to 000 percent of Republican voters and 9 percent of Independent voters. by race, ” 61 % White, 47 Percentage of Black Voters and Percentage of Other Minorities – Represents the Economy It’s gotten worse over the past year. Black Voters (25 percent) more likely than whites (12 percent) or other minorities (43 percent) give Biden a good or excellent rating for his handling of the economy,” according to the poll report.

Women are also more likely than men to (77 A percentage of 52 %) believes that the economy has Years got worse. Young voters and annual income over $550, is more likely to have a positive view on Biden’s economy.

Full Of, only 18 % of likely voters rated Biden’s handling of the economy as “good or excellent.” Nearly half ( gives His a “poor Rasmussen Reports economy rating since August survey”.

Unsurprisingly, the vast majority of Democrats (63%) rated Biden’s economy as good or excellent compared to

percent of Republicans and 000 Percentage of independent voters. “Most Republicans (79 percent) and independent voters (51 percent) give Biden a poor economic rating like 000 percent of Democrats,” the poll reported.


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