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Pompi Garcia Mexico Spring 2023

Oaxaca’s favorite verb is “to share” ,” Today, Pompi García cited the gesture as the reason for his fashion show debut. Garcia was named “Las Servilletas” (the Spanish word for napkin), and was inspired by the practice of covering gifts (mostly food) with printed napkins as a token of thanks. Reinterpreted from the traditional to the modern, these napkins received the magical touch of García’s lab, who unwrapped the drawings in oversized format and printed them on everything from sleeveless dresses and tunics to bucket hats and sandals .

Chilean singer Mona Bell’s voice gives way to Las Hermanas Navarro’s classic cover of ” Toneladas,” brought back memories of turning on the radio while dining with family and further emphasized Garcia’s message for the series. Long capes, mini dresses and high-waisted pants in a mix of white and navy are sure to be items to consider next spring.

At the end of the fashion show, the volume dropped (as was the print) and a series of plain white dresses appeared with cascading ruffles, which Has become a hallmark of García design. In a harmonious swing between volume and movement, the finale of Oaxaca’s creativity became an opportunity to offer his Paisano people something more than just fashion, or in the designer’s words, “I am in Oaxa. A nostalgic history of card life.”



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