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Pop Team Epic Anime season 2 premieres October 1

The official website of the TV anime series released the anime No. 1 on Sunday Season 2 will premiere on Tokyo MX, BS on October 1st and AT-X. The show will also be available on MBS, BS-NTV, and HTB will be streaming Amazon Prime Video in Japan.

Crunchyroll Description Series:

Rude, rude, and a little…cute? Get ready! Based on Bukubu Ōkawa ‘s bizarre four-panel webcomic, this comedy will use its jokes and intense absurdity . Do you think you’re ready to meet these girls? Think again, F#%er!

The first TV anime series premiered in January 2020. HIDIVE, Entertainment, Crunchyroll, AsianCrush and Amazon Prime Video The anime was broadcast when it aired in Japan. Adult Swim‘s Toonami section starts airing this June series23. Funimation released Blu-ray Disc animation in North America in October . Netflix to start streaming anime in the US in February 23 , but initially only half of each episode was available. Netflix has since re-uploaded the full version of each episode. The original animations are respectively 23 minute. Each episode has two main parts, and the content is mostly the same. The two parts have different voice actors, as well as some different content, such as makeover jokes. Animated by Bkub Okawa around two year old girls, short Popuko and tall Pi Pimi. Source: Anime website, MoCa News




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