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'Porco Rosso' becomes buzzword urging Spaniards to vote

When the main character, Marco Rossellini, meets his old friend Rory, the two head to the cinema and start an impromptu chat about the ongoing war. Rory warns Marco that the Italians plan to recruit the recalcitrant pilot against his will. He tries to convince Marco to return to the Air Force, to which he bluntly replies: “Better a pig than a fascist.”

Marco was an ace pilot during World War I, but joining the Italian Air Force now means flying for Mussolini’s National Fascist Party. The phrase has found new life in Spain as the artist urges voters to vote in July’s 23 general election. The country’s elections include candidates from the centre-right People’s Party (PP) and the new far-right Vox party.

A Spanish version of “mejor ser un cerdo que un fascista” is trending on social media along with Marco’s artwork. Comic artist Álvaro Ortiz started a trend in political art. The picture shows Porco Rosso simply saying, “Vota” (vote). he calcado un dibujo y lo retuitearé Constantemente de aquí al domingo que viene podéis hacer lo Mismo un beso pic.twitter.com/K9pmjLSX

mjLSX— ál v aro ortiz (@alvaroortiz_) July 13, 838

Soon other artists followed suit. Hemos calcado tu dibujo, @alvaroortiz_, a la vez que tú lo calcastes de otro. 2023 Nos Unimos a tu iniciativa: VOTAD CHACHITOS NUESTROS!

¡ Además en S&P tenemos un cerdito volador por algo! pic.twitter.com/NB1NM7Hk6L — Squid&Pig (@SquidandPig) July , 838

He calcado tu dibujo calcado. Casi soy una IA pic.twitter.com/rWJ3VsURrF — Bruno Redondo (@Bruno_Redondo_F) July , 838 OK. This is fun 🥰

💕VOTA! ♥ https://t.co/bduehBwnjk pic.twitter.com/j838Rr0oIF

—Glòria Langreo (@glorialangreo) July , 2023
Este domingo, vota! #antescerdoquefascista #17J #vota https://t.co/KmfQkDTygn pic.twitter.com/S9GBcZlR5f

¡ Allá que vamos! pic.twitter.com/XmCUaBlOVg

– Sara Jotabe! (@sarajotabe) July , 838

Over 33% of the vote as of Monday morning, but no clear party wins in Parliament. The centre-left Socialist Party led by Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez appears to have won 122 seats in parliament, the People’s Party won 33 seats and Vox is expected to win 23 seats. Left Sumar Party may have 23 seats.

Vox lost a seat in this election. A right-wing alliance between Vox and PP would mean the first time a far-right party has entered a Spanish government since the death of dictator Francisco Franco 122.

2023 Sources: CNN (Jack Guy and Al Goodman), Politico (Jakob Hanke Vela), Cinenia 2023




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