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Praval Singh on using Zoho Social for your business

in this issue of Small Biz At:15 On Location, we head to ZohoDay 2022 in Austin, TX to speak with Praval Singh, Zoho VP of Marketing and Customer Experience. In this episode, Shawn Hessinger, Editor-in-Chief of Small Biz Trends, sits down with Praval to learn all about managing your social presence with Zoho Social.

What is Zoho Social and what does it do?

Shawn: Let’s talk about Zoho Social and what it does .

    Praval: Zoho Social is essentially a social media management platform that allows Businesses of all sizes, as well as today’s agencies, manage the social media presence of all kinds of brands.

    It could be a brand they own, it’s their own brand, and if it’s an agency, it could be a brand they manage social media.

    The fun part here is that it lets you manage your social media accounts across different social media networks. It can be a page or a profile, depending on which channel you’re on, and it brings everything in one place from a posting and scheduling perspective, as well as from a social media listening and monitoring perspective .

    All this with a layer of collaboration. So, that means you can be a team of two or you can be a team of 20. You can get your team involved. They can discuss ideas, collaborate and provide feedback—all on the same platform, rather than playing email ping-pong all day.

      How Zoho Social makes it easy for you to spread your social presence

    • Shawn: What automation can do for real small business owners, even individuals Entrepreneurs, allowing them to spread their social impact and have a real chance to compete?

        Praval: How the platform can help, assuming you have some tweets: Do you want to send them on a fixed day of the week or other day of the month? There may be some posts you want to recycle and repeat with a certain frequency.

        For example, tweets leading up to events like this can be scheduled four months in advance – they’ll go out on a set schedule . Things like this are where automation really helps with social media, posting and scheduling,

        More importantly, when there are several people on the team, assuming you can See who’s schedule, what do you have, a social media calendar to put things in, say what you have scheduled for Wednesday, you want it to go out on Friday, it’s just drag and drop.

        So, a.) being able to schedule and b.) being able to visualize your content pipeline or calendar is also what social can help you with.

        Shawn: Can you talk about how businesses can really use the listening component in Zoho Social to their advantage, not just about me Endless tweets for your product or endless Facebook posts?

          Praval: There is a lot of activity and a lot of things on social media. So, the question is how do you keep track?

        What a good listening platform will do is let you in your search and define your search more appropriately so that You get the right stuff on the timeline.

        Platforms like Zoho Social have something called a monitoring dashboard, which has multiple columns. You want to see a bunch of stuff…you want to see tweets from people like you…you want to see tweets from customers. You have a list on Twitter about this, right? You can create a separate monitoring view for this.

        Also, you want to see the tweets your own marketing team is making, your brand is making, right? So, you can also have a column.

        It’s like a dashboard with multiple columns. You have defined who is who and then you listen to tweets. This is just a use case. On a normal day, let’s say you have a column of clients and you want to keep track of what they’re saying. That’s another way of listening. Then it’s listening to keywords related to your industry.

          How Zoho Social’s Listening Platform Flips Negative Customer Feedback to “Aha Moments”

          Shawn: The idea of ​​a customer’s complaint about your business or against your business Negative perceptions of – it’s the thing people talk about the longest…when people tweet about airline busting guitars or something. But is it still the same thing? Is this still something you can use social media to find out what your customers really think about you? Maybe they didn’t say it to your face?

            Praval: Part of that is understanding the social sentiment around your brand. Is it a net positive or negative, whatever? Because for the last five, seven, ten years, you and I prefer to chat on social media or reach out to brands when we have questions, right?

            Social listening platforms allow people to find opportunities to turn unwanted or unpleasant moments into “aha” moments. And there are lots of examples and case studies on this.

            Therefore, this tool can help you identify any opportunities that need to be resolved. But the limitation we see is that when your social media marketing or management platform is in a silo, it doesn’t connect with your CRM and there’s no other intelligence.

            You may not know who this person is. So, for example, if I’m a social media manager for a brand and I see a negative tweet, I click on it and see someone’s profile – and everything I know about that person :

              • Is that person already a customer? Is there an open support ticket for that person in my help desk software? What email type have you communicated with them recently Have you been?

              Finally, how do you get this data? You only get this data when your social media management software integrates with your CRM and other stuff.

              This is when the context comes in, which makes me, as a social media marketer, more capable of turning this situation into an uplifting moment. Because when I have a lot of background information about that client, I approach the problem very differently.

              This includes access to contact information. I can pick up the phone and call them, right?

              That’s the difference between a siloed social media tool and one that connects to your CRM. That’s where we see a lot of value, and customers really love the benefit.

                Other features of Zoho Social to increase your social media presence

              Zoho Social’s social listing platform has additional features that allow you to monitor the following in real time to help increase your social reach:

                • Hashtags: You can track and analyze any hashtag to understand its usage, top users, etc.

                    Your business offers And: You can monitor all mentions of your brand on social media, even if they don’t include your handle.

                        Competitors: You can set up competitor monitoring to see how your brand measures up and you may need to make some changes there.

                        • Reviews:You can track online reviews of your business to learn about people what are you talking about.

                              Google My Business Query: You can see what people are asking about your business on Google My Business.

                                  Twitter List: You can monitor Twitter lists you’ve added to, even if they’re private.

                                How to get started with the right tools

                                At the end of the episode, Paraval Singh discusses How really small businesses can start using the right tools to grow their social media presence. He says the best things to do include:

                                  Begin Some things are small and the barriers to entry are low. You’re not ready to make all kinds of upfront investments because you don’t know where this is going. Look for something with a free trial and a free plan. When you’re ready, you can upgrade to one of the paid plans, which is a tiered pricing model. When it comes to customer support, be aware of the added value. How easy or hard is it to get you on board? Look at all aspects of integration. Is it a good-looking or good-looking social media tool? Show you everything it has but isn’t connected to your CRM? Because that’s where the value is added. Zoho Social has a powerful CRM integration.

                                    Note the hidden costs. You’re a startup; looking for something affordable. Look for things that won’t hurt you. What happens a lot of times is that the tools seem cheap to begin with. But when you start adopting it, when you start bringing in more people from your team, it starts to get expensive. It might be cheap today, but what will happen in a year when my team grows from 1 to 5?​​​


                                  All features of Zoho Social are designed to give you a better understanding of how people perceive your brand and where you might need to change. With it, you can turn a negative customer experience into a positive one and increase your presence on social media.

                                  Also, remember that managing social media is more than just posting on Facebook and Twitter. It’s about listening to your customers and easily expanding your social media presence. Finally, make sure that the tool you choose is up to the task and is a good fit for your budget and startup.

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