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Predict when Brock Lesnar will return to WWE in the Triple H era

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After Brock Lesnar disappeared from TV again after his latest defeat against Roman Reigns for the unification of the WWE Universal Championship, leaving many fans wondering when he’ll be back.

Triple H is now in charge of WWE’s behind-the-scenes creative process, how the company books the superstar and when he will return is a major question mark heading into the fall .

Here are the best, worst and most likely scenarios for the Beast to return to the WWE show.

Best case

The best case scenario for Lesnar’s return is not to talk about the beast until his music hits and he walks through the curtain to the ring as a contestant In the 2023 edition of Battle Royale.

Surprise return is one of the reasons the battle royale is so popular, and allows Lesnar to come before his triumphant return Dodging the radar creates an unforgettable moment.
The Beast should appear early in the game and before the guy he will eventually face at WrestleMania enters, Destroy superstars in the ring. Instead of winning the world title and challenging it, Lesnar should be thrown onto the top ropes, creating a blood feud that doesn’t require a title. Some of the best picks to eliminate the beast from the battle royale and face him at WrestleMania 39 include Lashley, Ciampa, Damien Priest, Seth Rollins, Karrion Kross, and Gable Steveson as a long shot.

Worst case is

For the eighth time in company history, WWE will host a premium live event from Saudi Arabia when the 2022 edition of The Crown The Beads will be held in Riyadh on November 5. With high-priced shows so important to the brand, WWE is likely to book Lesnar’s Returning to the game as the Crown Jewel. The Beast may be a wrestling machine, but he’s also a shrewd businessman who knows what payday it brings every time he gets booked in Saudi Arabia.

The real problem with Lesnar’s return being booked as Crown Jewel is that it usually doesn’t make any sense. From the return of Shawn Michaels to Goldberg beating The Fiend, the company’s booking decision makes little sense in Saudi Arabia.

If Lesnar returns to WWE programming at Crown Jewel, wrestling fans can expect a brief bout, watch By the time The Beast completely dominated a popular superstar and then easily won, as he did with Kevin Owens, Kofi Kingston, or many other performers, suffered the wrath of the former UFC champion.

Theory With the money in the bank briefcase, he would be an ideal candidate until Lesnar, in seconds completely destroyed. With so many storyline options, the return of the Beast in Riyadh is a worst-case scenario.

Most Likely Case

The most likely scenario is that Brock Lesnar returns to the January 1 game that day to challenge Drew McKay Drew McIntyre competes for the WWE Universal Championship. While the return of the beast will boost the show, the champ should come out victorious.
McIntyre has had several clashes with Roman Reigns for months, and he should finally Received his official coronation in front of European fans during the Battle of the Castle. After his victory, the 37-year-old superstar should rule his foes in the fall before an old foe returns to his life in the form of a beast.

Lesnar and McIntyre feuded for months ahead of WrestleMania 36, ​​but the pandemic interrupted construction, stunned the multiple world champion Victory was overshadowed by serious problems affecting the world.

As the situation improves and McIntyre wins, a returning Lesnar should seek to reclaim his world title while serving Revenge for previous losses. The day 1 fight will instantly become a classic and cement the Scottish superstar’s victory.

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