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Prepping Your Skin For Your Wedding: How To Get Ready By The Month And By The Week

I was never married, but I was practically handcuffed for six months before my sister got married. As her maid of honor and

master of ceremonies, I happily participate in every cake tasting, gown cutting and makeup trial for moral support and sometimes even physical (in the photo you can see her knuckles are white from her grip on my arm). And because of that, I do feel as if I’ve been allowed to dig into the enormous amount of pressure a bride is under to have everything, and I mean everything, be perfect on that special day.

This obligation goes beyond traditional wedding tropes, such as finding the elusive, fitted glove gown and breathtaking venue – many of which center around looking your best . It’s generally accepted that on your wedding day, you want to look your most radiant and elegant. This pervasive pressure explains why so many brides panic when looking for pre-wedding skincare; it’s also why, early in beauty school, we’re told that brides-to-be are our most reliable customers.

To sum up, the first and most critical step in prepping your skin for marriage is managing your expectations. Of course, it’s perfectly fine to want to feel beautiful and confident on your wedding day, but your skin will always have texture and pores. First, accepting this will make it easier to develop an effective and realistic skin care plan.

So instead of binge buying every single product in sight, it’s time to take some stock and evaluate what exactly you want from your skincare. Setting specific goals for yourself—whether it’s reducing acne, increasing collagen or elastin, or simply hydrating your skin—ultimately allows you to develop a routine that makes sense for you and moves you toward a healthy A WEDDING SKINCARE PLAN TO ACHIEVE FROM THE DAY.

Tracking your pre-wedding schedule is also an important aspect of creating your pre-wedding skincare plan. You want the benefits of all your products and treatments, while making sure you don’t have any possible negative side effects on the big day. To help stay on track and better understand how certain treatments work, we spoke to experts, some of whom have worked with celebrities prepping for weddings, about the products and treatments they recommend, as well as the best ways to start and stop. Best time to use certain skin care products.

six to 12 months in advance

Trying Injectables for the First Time

According to Dr. Ranella Hirsch, board-certified dermatologist based in Boston, if you The best way to try out injectables like Botox or fillers before your wedding is to give yourself as much time as possible. “In an ideal world, I’d have people come in as early as a year before the wedding and make a plan – that way, we can discuss what you want to achieve and work together to make sure you get the best possible outcome On that day,” Hirsch said. Giving yourself more time also allows for more careful allocation of funds and opens up the possibility for more types of treatments, she explained. “Ultimately, more time means more options, not only in terms of procedures but, importantly, in terms of downtime and cost,” she added. But, of course, not all weddings are planned a year from now. In these cases, Hirsch recommends an initial consultation and injection therapy at least six months in advance. “While my general rule of thumb is longer is better, six months is a good time for a dermatologist to know what to expect and to see how your skin is responding to treatment,” she explains road.

Six months before the wedding

Started new retinoids

Started laser treatment to reduce acne scars while Not fixing the root cause of acne—the pimple itself—may not be the best use of your budget. If you still have active acne, it’s a good idea to work with your dermatologist first to develop a plan to keep your acne from showing up. A proven treatment for acne, rough or congested skin, and hyperpigmentation problems is the use of retinoids, which are vitamin A derivatives that, when applied topically, increase cell turnover and give fresh The new cells reach the surface of your skin.




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