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Preseason Week 3 Highlights: Steelers flee disaster after Watt, Diontel injuries

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Joe Sargent/Getty Images And just like that, the 2022 NFL preseason is over. The next game we see will be between the Buffalo Bills and the Los Angeles Rams on September 8. .

in every aspects. Sunday’s two games were pretty anticlimactic. The first between the New York Giants and New York Jets was an interesting back-and-forth game, but it featured dueling backup quarterbacks and a team resting most of the starters.

Most of the second game ended at halftime. Kenny Pickett could be the future of Pittsburgh Steelers center, but after playing the entire first half (and doing well) with most of the team’s starters, it was clear that Mitch Trubisky is now.

However, there are still some noteworthy developments, whether it’s the panic on those Steelers, the offense on the Lions The struggle is still a potential quarterback controversy in the Big Apple.

See how the day unfolded, starting with a couple of injuries that caused a stir in the Steel City.

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    AP Photo/Don Wright

    Entering the final game of the 2022 preseason, Pittsburgh’s quarterback game is big Most people’s problem fans hearts.

    By halftime, it seemed to be resolved. With veteran Mitch Trubisky playing a full first half, it’s clear he’ll be playing against the Bengals in Week 1. But now Steelers fans have a new question on their minds.

    Why did head coach Mike Tomlin keep the starters on the court for so long?

    Coaches have to go every season, it’s a balancing act. Of course, you want your beginners to get some live reps. Knock out rust before the big game. But, in a pointless game, every game the starters play on the floor is a game where they can get injured.

    The Steelers suffered a potentially major injury to the Lions.

    First, it’s No. 1 wide receiver Deontay Johnson. Shortly after receiving Trubisky’s 38-yard bomb, Johnson went to the locker room with a shoulder injury. that is too bad.

    Losing Charger TJ Watt would be disastrous.

    In the second quarter, Watt took a knee shot in a block that was intercepted by Lions tight end TJ Hockenson. It didn’t take long for him to be sidelined too.

    Now, it’s possible that both injuries are minor and the team is just being cautious – though arguably the cautious move is for Get the two best players on the team out of the game earlier. Both players looked fine on the sidelines in the second half, and Tomlin said if it were the regular season, both players could have come back.

    But if either of those stars end up missing regular season time due to Tomlin’s decision, one has little room for error in 2022 The Steelers could be in trouble.

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      AP Photo/Matt Durisco

      Entering the 2022 season, Pittsburgh’s quarterback game Probably the biggest storyline around the Steelers.

      But it’s solved now. After completing 15 of 19 passes for 160 yards and scoring, Trubisky appeared to have locked in the starting spot. But quarterbacks aren’t the biggest problem facing the Steelers. That would be the offensive line. If Sunday’s leanings against the Lions are any indication, the problem will persist in the big game. This is not a new question. Last year, the Steelers finished the season with the 26th-best offensive line in the league, according to Pro Football Focus’ Sam Monson. After some offseason personnel changes, the ranking was adjusted to 30th in the NFL. .

      In this game, running back Nagy Harris dribbled the ball four times — all 10 yards. Trubisky was regularly harassed by Detroit’s first-team defense, with two sacks and a couple of rushes. The Steelers O-line also committed several drive-to-death penalties on Lions territory.

      As Nick Farabeau reported for Steelers Now before the game, center Mason Cole said the line was converging — It just needs more time to set.

      “Listen, we’re throwing our hands, we’ve got to have faith,” Kerr said. “We have to believe in the technology. In practice, we will keep repeating it, but if we believe in our technology, we can perform the way we want.”

      The problem is the Steelers are running out of time — if they play against the Cincinnati Bengals in Week 1 like they did against Detroit, the starting four It doesn’t matter who the shooting guard is.

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        Joe Sargent/Getty Images

        Thanks to them for appearing on HBO this year

          Hard Knock, the Detroit Lions are on the rise this summer. Head coach Dan Campbell’s exaggerated personality doesn’t hurt.

          But on Sunday in Pittsburgh, we were reminded that the Lions were a way to stay away from a failure in the NFC North.

          With most of the first half against Pittsburgh’s defensive starter, the Lions couldn’t do anything offensively. Starting quarterback Jared Goff was out, David Blough and Tim Boyle had poor first 30 minutes of passing — 75 yards Completed 7 interceptions out of 17 attempts.

          In the first half, the Lions ran for just 111 yards in 31 games — an average of 3.6 yards per game. They converted just two of eight 3-pointers and committed six penalties.

          Yes, Detroit lacks a starting quarterback and top two returning D’Andre Swift and Jamaal Williams. But it’s still frustrating to see the Lions’ offense, which was supposed to improve in 2022, look a lot like the clunky team that ranked 22nd in total offense and 25th in offensive scoring a year ago.

        Who is considering all the blunders on Sunday on dub all beeps hard knocks

        is about to be a busy week.

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          Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

          New York Giants give Most of their starters got a day off in Sunday’s exhibition final against their MetLife Stadium neighbors, presumably to avoid injury in a pointless game.

        No such luck.

        Of course, quarterback Terrod Taylor isn’t a starter — the veteran will be backing Daniel Jones this season. But Taylor One of the more seasoned backups in the league, he started 53 games in 11 seasons in Baltimore, Buffalo, Cleveland, Los Angeles, Houston and now New York. With the Giants offense hampered for much of training camp and the preseason, calls were made for Taylor to start in Week 1 against the Tennessee Titans.

        However, head coach Brian Dabore insists Jones is still the starter for New York. Even if he didn’t mean to, starting Taylor in the opener may no longer be an option.

        Sunday’s game included two completions of four attempts, one interception and 34.4 passes after a dismal start Scoring, Taylor was taken to the locker room after absorbing a vicious (but legal) hit from Jets fringe rusher Michael Clemons.

        7️⃣7️⃣ WABC Sports @77wabcsports

        Michael Clemons destroys Terrod Taylor on this show. Taylor didn’t rest after being hit.

        This blow loosens the filling.

        Per Ari Pro Football Focus’ Merov, Taylor suffered a back injury during the game.

        Fortunately, Dabore told reporters after the game that Taylor was expected to be fine.

        “He should be fine,” Dabor said. “I don’t think there is anything. He just hit the ground hard and talked to him at half-time.”

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            Rich Graessle/ Icon Sportswire via Getty Images

          Unlike the Giants, the New York Jets launched their first-team offense in Sunday’s preseason finale, ostensibly to make Joe Flacco gets some game reps ahead of the season opener. With Zach Wilson out with a knee injury, Flacco could start when the Jets take on the veteran quarterback’s old team on Sept. 11 at MetLife Stadium.

          Unfortunately, the Jets look a lot like the 26th-ranked team in total offense last season. And there may be a backup commotion brewing.

          Over a quarter of the action, Flacco was between rusty and bad, completing seven 12 passes for 76 yards , passing scoring 42.4. Flacco pushed down his receiver multiple times and returned an interception for the Giants’ only touchdown of the first half.

          Ground race didn’t do much to help Flacco; Michael Carter and Bryce Hall added on 9 carries Up for just 23 yards, Carter also lost a turnover after receiving a pass from the backcourt.

          For third-line quarterback Mike White, it’s a different story. Granted, this was a reserve against the Giants, but White was far more efficient than Flacco, completing 10 of 13 passes for 142 yards and two scoring in the second quarter alone.

          White has some starting experience — he’s started three games for the Jets in 2021, including in Week 8 A 405-yard three-pointer to beat the AFC Champions Bengals.

          This was White’s only winning start last year, but based on the performance of both quarterbacks against the G-Men, the Jets Teams head coach Robert Saleh had a harder-than-expected decision to make ahead of the season opener against the Ravens.

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          Brian Bennett/Getty Images

          Denzel Mims has been a huge disappointment since being drafted in the second round of the 2020 Jets. The 6-foot-3, 207-pounder has caught just 31 passes in two career seasons, including just eight last season. And Mims appears to be buried in New York’s depth chart behind Elijah Moore, Corey Davis, Braxton Berrios and rookie Garrett Wilson, Mims said earlier this week. Trade requests were made from time to time. “The time has come,” Mims’ agent Ron Slavin said per ESPN’s Rich Cimini. “Denzel tried in good faith, but it’s clear he has no future with the Jets. Denzel vowed to come back better than ever for a season, and he worked really hard to make it happen in the offseason. Goal. Still, he has very few chances to work with the starting offense and be at his best with them.”

          Season The preseason finals were no different — the majority of Mims’ game against the Giants came in games two and three against the Giants reserve team. But the former Baylor standout took full advantage of the opportunities he did get, scoring for 102 yards and 1 before being late.

          Frankly, Mims might get his wish in a backhand fashion — he’s far from certain to make New York’s 53-man roster. But after showing off his size and athleticism on Sunday, he should be abstained soon if he is released.

          And it’s possible that another team will pitch a Day 3 pick at the Jets in exchange for a A young passer with two years left on his rookie deal.



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