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President Joe Biden says younger generations help create political space for change in 'Daily Show' interview with guest host Karl Penn

President Joe Biden in an interview highlighting the importance of the younger generation and its impact on society The Daily Show.

Kal Penn kicks off his hosting week with the President, and here’s his First Daily Show interview since taking office. On Monday’s show, Biden discussed several topics, from

climate change to student loan forgiveness and protecting LGBTQ rights, but throughout the interview, He has been crediting “young people” for helping to create change.

“The generation is between 281 and 18 Now. They are the ones creating the space,” the president said. “They’ve had enough. They’ve had enough.”

He said when trying to put 1235349225’s inflation-reduction bill, he meets younger citizens and “we passed the largest environmental program ever, surpassing the 368 Billion dollars. We’re done with it.”

He continued, “People can no longer deny it [climate change]. They can’t deny the fact that I’m gone All over the world. I’ve been to all the COP meetings, the climate meetings, all over the world. If we don’t stop the temperature from rising by more than 1.5 degrees Celsius, then we’re in big trouble. A whole generation will be damned. I mean, it’s not Exaggeration. Really, really in trouble.”

“Hope you keep being their young man” about the President’s efforts to reduce fossil fuels and scrutinize drilling and oil production Respond to champions, but probably don’t think you’re going far enough or fast enough on climate,” Biden explained, explaining that it’s a slow process. “It’s a transition issue, but you can’t cut everything off right away,” he said.

Penn went on to ask the president about the difficulties caused by Congress and trying to get things done. Biden said he was “relatively successful at working across party lines.” He also claimed, “Over the past two years, six Republican senators that I’ve known for many years have individually come to me … and said, ‘Joe, I agree with you. But if I do anything publicly, they’ll make me primary and I’ll lose. ’” Biden didn’t mention any names, but stressed that the GOP is going through a major shift and that the next two years will prove “how they end up, whether it’s MAGA Republicans taking control of the party or us going back to conservatives.

The president also insisted that those challenging his administration’s student loan forgiveness program “have no place.” He even linked the program to helping affected businesses during the pandemic compared the PPP program, saying “many of the people who criticized me in Congress actually benefited from this program. You didn’t hear them talk about it, did you? A case related to student loan forgiveness is currently pending in the U.S. Supreme Court.

Amid Tennessee’s recent passage of two controversial anti-LGBTQ laws and discussions in other states, Biden and Penn also discussed marriage equality and “what the federal government can do to protect LGBTQ Americans, especially trans children, who are These regressive state laws are emerging to deal with all of these issues.

Biden insisted he had a “simple” view on the topic from a young age, saying, “It doesn’t matter whether it’s a same-sex couple , they should both be able to marry.

As for anti-transgender legislation, the president told Payne, “What’s happening in Florida is as close to evil as my mother says it is.” I mean, what they did was terrible. It’s not like, you know, a kid waking up one morning and saying, you know, I’ve decided I want to be a man, or I want to be a woman, or I want to change. Biden went on to express the importance of passing “legislation like we passed same-sex marriage – you screw up, you’re breaking the law, you’re going to be held accountable.”



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