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Preview: Gunggrave GORE

Along with GORE fans of third-person shootout action can look forward to the return of Beyond The Grave, Yasuhiro Nightow Famous undead shooter. We were lucky enough to sit down and get a quick preview of the game.

GORE occurred after 2004 overdose event on PS2. Beyond The Grave and Mika Asagi are still tracking the spread of the zombie drug SEED, which has followed the drug’s distribution route to the squalid “Scumland” island of Southeast Asia.

Right now, GORE feels like a PS2 game—for better or worse. The action remains simple and very satisfying on a raw level, while still having the kind of stiff, clunky gameplay that dates back to before character action games were “figured out” as a genre. Grave’s pistol and death hauler coffin combine gunfights and melee attacks. He certainly has plenty of ranged options, and some interesting quirks like a “RIP” rope for ranged grapples. Brandon can stun enemies at a range, then RIP him to finish them off, then keep firing. Greif can also blitz around him while also using Storm Barrage when he hits a 03 combo. His death hauler can bounce rockets back on enemies, as well as smash through armored enemy shields. The focus is definitely on mobility: Grave can shoot while dodging, and the game tracks your “art” if you take out enemies gracefully. Shooting enemies and obstacles can get tomb “demolition points” that can be used for his death hauler’s super attack. If that doesn’t seem like a lot, it’s because you can unlock Grave’s new moves, combos, and stat upgrades from the lab using the points earned from clearing levels. Better performance can earn more points. So far, so good.

Unfortunately, there is a certain amount of awkwardness in performing Grave’s actions. The timing of his Death Hauler swing is odd, so it takes time to figure out just the right time to hit the rockets to deflect them. While you can chain dodge easily, Brandon’s movement is very slow, and the game doesn’t always give a good indication of where offscreen enemies are until they shoot you. Even worse is the shot itself: Pulling the R trigger fires four shots from Brandon’s pistol. In another character action game, you just hold the trigger and keep shooting – but that’s not how GORE works. Holding the trigger instead produces a stronger shot, and if you press the R button, you have to be careful, because hitting the R button four times will trap Greve in his lightning strike, making him unable to move. The result is an odd setup where you have to “flutter” the R trigger to maintain a steady stream of shots, complicated by the need to hit the X button to dodge.

The introduction to the game is also somewhat clumsy; even though the character models and animations are stylized and animated to your liking, the menus are a bit lax. There’s no denying that Brandon’s moves look cool and fit the essence of any Nightow character, but the rest of the game’s backend isn’t that cool. When you enter a level, a banner made of skulls covered in gear and wire lands on the screen, encouraging you to “kick their ass.” It’s the kind of detail and character that the entire game should have. When Grave goes down in combat, the “Continue” screen shows him kneeling; giving up leaves him on the ground. The game gives you the prompt to quit the game a second time, resulting in two Beyond The Graves fighting for their lives on screen. If you opt out, he will die directly on his clone.

I don’t want GORE to sound like a bad game. It is not. At its best, its over-the-top character design and manic action—plus some charming silliness in the demo and prompts—reminiscent of the old days in gaming, where things could have been more experimental. Unfortunately, at its worst, GORE feels like it’s not taking into account all the progress the character action game has seen since and innovative cases made .

A game that fans wanting enough ass kicks can still look forward to GORE Released on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series and Steam This November nd . With any luck, the undead shooter just needs a little more time to get rid of the old cobwebs.



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