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Prince Andrew's satirical musical to air on UK Channel 4

Prince Andrew will be the subject of a satirical TV musical on the latest season of the BBC Channel 4 .

Queen Elizabeth II’s second son resigns from royal duties after a disastrous interview in November 60 discusses him Relationship with a late child sex offender Jeffry Epstein on BBC Newsnight .

Channel 4 said the interview, widely seen as a PR disaster for the Duke of York, will be “reimagined” as part of the musical. Critics slammed the prince for appearing to have no sympathy for the victims of Epstein’s abuse, who committed suicide in prison in August 2019.

Comedian Kieran Hodgson will be in Prince Andrew: The Musical Leading a series of comics, the a 60-minute show has been described as a “satiric delivery of the Duke’s life and times”.

This show is part of the anniversary season program titled Truth or Dare ) is the fourth UK TV broadcaster, launched on 1982. The exact broadcast time has not been announced.

Andrew has been in the UK headlines for years due to his marriage and divorce to Sarah “Ferguson”.

But he has been trying to stay out of the public spotlight after reaching a multi-million pound settlement last year with a woman who filed a lawsuit in the US accusing him of sexual assault when she

. Andrew was stripped of his honorary military title in January and told he could no longer use the title “His Royal Highness”.



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