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Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis had a colour-coordinated Easter

Welsh children are at their best on Sunday this Easter. Prince George, Princess Charlotte and Prince Louis joined their parents, the Prince and Princess of Wales and other members of the royal family for the service at St George’s Chapel in Windsor. Welsh people dress in cheerful shades of blue for this purpose. Kate chose a bold coat dress by Catherine Walker, while William and eldest son George opted for traditional suiting. Charlotte, meanwhile, wore a pair of sky blue stockings and a ribbon in her hair, which matched Prince Louis’s shorts perfectly. (In the UK, young boys usually only wear shorts until they reach a greater mature age – even if it’s a bit cold.) The almost five-year-old held his mum’s hand throughout.

The Princess of Wales and Prince Louis. Getty Images

Three It was the first time for the children to be seen in public for the holidays. (In previous years, Prince Louis was considered too young to attend.) Royal observers and photographers gathered to watch the family procession from Windsor Castle to St. George’s. Despite the distraction of the crowd, Welsh children politely walked alongside their parents – no laughing matter. (Though that’s not to say people would be offended by any childish antics – Prince Louis sent the internet into a tizzy during the queen’s 50th anniversary of the silliness, grimacing and throwing up on a Buckingham Palace balcony Tongue out at his mother during the celebratory concert.)

This spring, the public will get to see more of the entire Welsh family. All three children will be crowned Prince Charles on May 6, and Prince George has been recognized by Buckingham Palace as one of Prince Charles’ Medal of Honor. “We are all very excited about Prince George’s role in the coronation,” a Kensington Palace spokesman said in a statement to ABC News. “It will be a very special moment.” Although Charlotte The roles of Tate and Louis are unknown, but they seem likely to be in attendance. As William and Kate take on more responsibilities as Prince and Princess of Wales, their children will also play a bigger role.



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