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Prince Harry and Meghan Markle intimately detail why they're leaving the royal family

So he and Megan made plans to move abroad. They first considered New Zealand before settling on South Africa – until someone leaked the plan to the Times

in London. Harry believes it was a family member, but he did not name it. “The whole plan was then dropped because it has now become a public debate,” he noted. The couple tried again in Canada: In December , Harry called his dad from their rented house where they were spending Christmas on Vancouver Island to talk about it . He explained that the former Prince of Wales asked him to write down the idea. “Five days later it was on the front page of the paper,” Meghan said. What made me realize that the letters between me and my father were leaked was our willingness to give up our titles in Sussex. That’s the giveaway,” Harry continued. “Our stories, our lives, were literally taken from beneath us. Afterwards, the couple posted their now (infamous) statement on Instagram.

Harry then called his grandmother to ask to be seen when the couple returned to the UK Speaking, while he said Queen Elizabeth’s office later canceled the meeting after initially agreeing to it. Instead, a Sandringham summit was arranged – Meghan was left out. “Imagine a conversation, a conversation about your future life Round table discussion. When the stakes are so high,” Megan said. “And you, as mom and wife and target, are not invited to sit at the table in so many ways. “

The meeting, according to Harry, was a bitter one. He wanted to keep a part-time job in the family, but he claimed his family didn’t see a middle ground. Allegedly William, in particular, has become erratic: “My brother was screaming and yelling at me, and what my father was saying wasn’t true at all, and my grandmother sat there quietly and took it all, it was just too much. Terrible. A few days later, Buckingham Palace confirmed the couple would no longer be engaged in an official engagement or representing the Queen.

Adding salt to the wound? In the

Times Kensington Palace released a statement signed by Prince William following a report in January2020 that Harry and Meghan felt ‘bullied’ by Prince William The two brothers denied the statement. Harry said he never endorsed such a statement. When Harry told Meghan, he said she burst into tears. “For four hours, they would have been happy to lie to protect my brother, but For three years they were never willing to tell the truth to protect us,” recalls Harry. 20202020



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