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Prince Harry Says Prince William 'Screamed' At Him For Leaving Royal Family, Accuses Brother's Team Of Planting News Story In Netflix Doc Series

Harry and Meghan formally blame Buckingham Palace, especially Prince William.

Part 2 of the Duke and Duchess of Sussex’s intimate and contentious docu-series is on Netflix in just one week Post viewers may feel overwhelmed – maybe even disappointed – by the massive lack of explosive content after the first three installments .

The couple drew worldwide criticism while attempting to uncover what became the catalyst for their separation from royal life, with their debut total viewing time of . million hours in the first week; the most of any documentary released through the streaming giant. They showed no sign of capitulating, as episodes 4-6 plunged the company deeper into reputational chaos, with the current heir to the throne at its center.

“My brother screaming and yelling at me, my dad saying things that are not true at all, and my grandma sitting there silently taking it all, it’s really It was horrible,” Harry said, recalling a meeting at Sandringham after he and Markle made their statement earlier They would Resign from royal duties. He dismissed widely reported claims that Harry caught the late Queen Elizabeth II “by surprise”: “It’s never going to happen. I have a lot of respect for her.”

The pair kept their distance because she invited them to spend the night, and when news broke that they were willing to give up their Sussex throne to move to North America and escape the constant onslaught of the media. But then: “This urgent message went to H saying, ‘You can’t see Her Majesty…she’s busy, she has plans all week,'” Meghan told the audience. Harry called her: “She said, ‘Yeah, I didn’t know I was busy, I was told I was busy all week.’ I was like, ‘Wow,'” he said.

Many have called this one of the key takeaways from the second half of the documentary, and perhaps the most responsible royal is William, Prince of Wales and heir to the British throne. Harry was seen explaining that his brother’s office would feed stories about the Sussexes to the British media in order to deflect the negative attention the Cambridges were receiving at the time. “There are leaks, but there are also implant stories,” he said. “If the communications team wants to be able to remove negative reports about their principles, they’ll trade and give you additional information about someone else’s principles.”

The brothers reportedly reached an agreement, They will never let what Harry calls a “dirty game” between their two teams. But he claims William’s side quickly reneged on that promise: “It’s heartbreaking to see my brother’s office replicate the same thing we promised the two of us would never do.” Although no mention was made of William’s team Will try to make the story go away, but many netizens have speculated that they may have been swirling rumors surrounding the heir with the English nobleman Rose Hanbury.

Meghan describes feeling like a ‘foreign creature’ in royal swim. “One day, this little creature came in,” she said to the camera. “Then the whole thing became, ‘What’s that?’ ‘What’s it doing here? It doesn’t look like us, it doesn’t move like we do, we don’t like it. Get it off us.'” She has spoken candidly about battling suicidal thoughts and revealed Buckingham Palace won’t let her seek help. “I wasn’t allowed to. They were concerned about how this would look at the institution.”

As the couple battled to prepare for the ongoing fallout and media frenzy, they decided to sue The Daily Mail 1235277773 publishes a personal letter from Meghan to her estranged father Thomas Markle. The royal family did not want to take legal action, but Harry and Meghan took the opposite position. “That lawsuit was probably the catalyst for all this unraveling,” she said.

These episodes cover the ongoing war between Meghan and the Post , after The reporter’s relentless reporting is what Harry – who has been outspoken about his wife’s fears of suffering the same fate as his mother, Princess Diana – believed to be the cause of Meghan’s miscarriage a year before their daughter Lilybet was born. “I believe my wife suffered a miscarriage because of what the Post did,” Harry said. “Given the stress that caused, the lack of sleep and the timing of the pregnancy… I can say that from what I’ve seen, the miscarriage was caused by what they were trying to do to her.” Without punishment, the Daily Mail sought to continue publishing private details and exaggerated stories about Meghan.

Harry forgives his grandmother for being in a mess.

“There are many ways of doing things, and her ultimate mission goal is to reduce liability is the agency … She (will) continue with the advice she gives,” he said, though His immediate family, which includes King Charles and William, “saw what they wanted to see.” Harry remembers turning to his father for help in silencing the media. “‘My dear boy, you can’t deal with the media. The media will always be the media,'” King told him. “I don’t agree at all,” his younger son replied.

Harry was the one who was caught off guard when rumors that William was bullying Harry and Meghan out of royal life were quelled by the brothers’ immediate, reportedly “joint” statement. “I couldn’t believe it. No one had my permission to put my name in a statement like this… I called M and told her and she was in tears because within four hours they Happy to lie to protect my brother, but for three years, they never bothered to tell the truth to protect us.”

Episodes are once again filled with talking people, this time including Lawyer Jenny Afia and actor Tyler Perry (Gone Girl, A Jazzman’s Blues) Talk about offering his home in Los Angeles to the Duke and Duchess as a base away from the paparazzi as they look for a safe place to go crazy. Perry offered emotional support to Meghan, whom he likened to his abusive mother. “I could hear the fear, it was palpable … this woman was being abused, and so was he,” he said of Harry.

Meghan has spoken about the storm of social media hate she has faced. She recalled a tweet: “Meghan just needs to die, someone just needs to kill her.” I’m a mum and this is my real life…that’s when you see it and you say, ‘You make people want to kill me. It’s not just a tabloid, it’s not just a story. You scare me,'” Meghan said tearfully. “Are my children safe? What is your purpose in creating it? Because you’re bored or is it selling you papers?

In a lighthearted moment, Meghan explained how she got a text from Beyoncé (Harry gasped: “Shut up,”) the Glee The US award-winning singer expressed support and told the Duchess she was “chosen to break a generational curse that needs to be healed.

The documentary ends with a montage of happy family memories, with Archie baking bread and playing football with his father, and the couple walking hand in hand in the sunset. “I worked hard,” says Megan But the allegations they made were clear and are now known to the public, with the world waiting with bated breath for anything from the Palace.

Harry and Meghan are part of the couple’s multi-year deal with Netflix, which will see them through Their non-profit Archewell’s Media Division produces content that Story Syndicate produces in association with Archewell Productions and Diamond Docs.




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