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Prince Philip and Queen Elizabeth: A love story in 30 photos

November 20, 1939, her night 1997 Queen Elizabeth delivered a speech in front of Tony Blair and dozens of dignitaries at the London Ballroom on her wedding anniversary. As her speeches usually are, it’s relatively short and concise. Most of it was ordinary: She thanked the prime minister for officiating the evening’s celebrations and acknowledged that the whole country supported the couple during her time in office. But, at the end of her speech, she spoke of her husband, Prince Philip, with a deep and uncharacteristic mood: “He’s someone who doesn’t take compliments lightly, but very simply, he’s my strength, my everything. All these years,” she said. Say. “Me and his family and this country and many others owe him more debt than he asks or we will never know.” 24 years later, the royal family announced that Prince Philip was in Windsor on the morning of April 9. The castle passed away peacefully at the age of 18. On September 8, 2022, Queen Elizabeth will follow.

The relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Philip is one of love, respect and enduring admiration. They first met at 1939 the Royal British Naval College, where there was a While Philip, a 12-year-old student, was touring the grounds, she was introduced to a 13-year-old Princess Elizabeth of England. It is said that since then, the young royal has never thought of anyone else. Throughout the war years, the two began exchanging letters. His relationship with Queen Elizabeth began to develop after he returned from the 1946 Pacific Theatre. Presumably, he proposed in June, citing Balmoral. “Survived the war, saw the victory, was given the opportunity to rest and readjust oneself, fell in love completely and unreservedly, and made all personal and world troubles seem insignificant,” he wrote in that year’s in a letter.

Despite his dignified title, there was initially some resistance from the royal family. Many thought Philip was too rude, Too vulgar, too German, too Greek, too… unfit to marry the then-Princess Elizabeth. But Elizabeth persisted. In July 1947 Philip’s new Anglicized surname was officially announced: Mountbatten. A few months later, he relinquished his rights to the Greek and Danish thrones.



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