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Promotional Video for Frieren: Beyond Journey's End Anime Reveals Cast, Crew, and Fall Premiere

Kanehito Yamada and TV anime’s official website Tsukasa Abe

‘s () manga reveals new visuals and promotional video, staff, The cast and animation’s fall premieres are on Wednesday.

has licensed the manga, which Described the story: The adventure is over, but the life of the Elven Mage goes on, he is just beginning Learn the meaning of life. The elven mage Freelen and her brave adventure companions defeated the Demon King and brought peace to the land. But Frieren will outlive other members of her former party. How will she make sense of what life means to those around her? Decades after their victory, the funeral of a friend of hers left Freelan facing her own near-immortality. Freelan set out to fulfill the last wish of his companions, but found that he had started a new adventure…

Yamada and Abe featured in the magazine of Shogakukan in April The manga 360. this10 Volume 3 will ship in March 14. Viz Media published volume 7 in January . The manga went off the air on January 1st.

This fantastical tale follows the travels of Freelen the Elf, who embarks on a perilous adventure with a steadfast companion to defeat evil. When peace came, she saddled her immortal clan and watched her friends die one by one before her eyes. While she mourns the aging and passing of old relationships, she makes valuable new ones along the way.

The manga has won several awards, including

for new creation Author AwardThe annual Tezuka Osamu Culture Award is in

material Source: Anime Site, Mantan Web by Mainichi Shimbun195700 2022

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