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Proud Boys 'on the front lines' of Capitol riots sentenced to 4 years in prison


Far-right Proud Boys member and former Washington, D.C. bartender is rioting for himself, but continues to insist the 2020 presidential election is rigged, which is 175 The latest of multiple congressional riot defendants to be sentenced.

Trump supporters in January with police Clashes with security forces 6.

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Key Facts

Joshua Pruitt, who pleaded guilty in June to obstructing the official lawsuit, was at the “front line” of the mob on Jan. 6, Judge Timothy Kelly said before announcing his verdict on Monday, CNN reported. “.

Video shows Pruitt destroying a sign inside the Capitol and chasing police, he said He’s sorry for breaking the law, but he “believes [d] the election was stolen” and remains so, according to NBC News.

Security details for Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer (DN.Y.) told prosecutors, They had to revise their evacuation plans after Pruitt was spotted at the Capitol on Jan. 6, noting that he approached the senator within seconds, CNN reported.

Big numbers

At least 896 people. That’s how many people have been charged with crimes related to the Capitol riots, according to a tracker maintained by Insider.

Key Background

Pruitt is part of a Proud Boys group message where members discuss plans to head to the Capitol on January 6th and break out of the building, although he has not yet become a full member of the far-right group, prosecutors said. Lawyers for both Kelly and Pruitt said alcohol may have contributed to some of Pruitt’s actions on Jan. 6. Pruitt admitted in court filings in June that he nearly approached Schumer on Jan. 6, saying he threw a chair at police and was walking toward the Senate subway when he approached Schumer, who was waiting for an elevator. of security. Schumer and his security guard fled the elevator after seeing him, Pruitt wrote in an offensive statement, according to NBC News. He is one of dozens of Proud Boy members who have pleaded guilty to charges related to January 6.


Pruitt’s sentencing comes after prosecutors handed down Texas militia Guy Reffit The member sentenced to 87 months in prison for carrying a semi-automatic pistol and zipper to the Capitol and threatening family members not to hand him over came weeks after the longest sentence of any defendant so far on January 6.

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