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Provisional EU law to give customers extra 12 months warranty after repair

The European Council and Parliament have agreed on a provisional version of the right-to-repair directive. It puts forward a few key aspects – manufacturers will need to provide an extra 12 months of warranty to users after a repair, they’ll be required to offer spare parts at a reasonable price, and they will be required to accept second-hand or 3D printer spare parts.

The EU will mandate that manufacturers make the necessary repairs within a reasonable time, while maintaining the consumer’ right to choose between repair and replacement for defective products that are still under warranty.

Provisional EU right to repair law - extra 12 months warranty after repair and more

There will be a standardized European repair information form, that will be provided free of charge – something that will go a long way to helping small service shops deal with customers.

The EU will also open a European online repair platform, detailing the repair services across member countries.

Putting the new provisions into actual law will take some time, but is a step in the right direction.

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