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'P's Lie' limited-time demo includes first two chapters of upcoming Soulslike

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In short: Souls fans (and even those who don’t) can download And play a free demo of another promising-looking entry in the genre :P’s Lies, a game inspired by the story of everyone’s favorite bombastic puppet, Pinocchio.

One of the many announcements made during the Summer Game Fest Opening Stream, which you can watch here, was a slight delay to the release date of Lies of P to September 19th. But those eagerly awaiting the game’s release were shown demos across multiple platforms, including Steam. Valid until June 26th. Dark Souls/Bloodborne-esque P-lie is set in Belle Époque Crater. You play as the eponymous P, a human-sized puppet who must struggle to find his creator, Geppetto, as he tries to become a real man. Just like Pinocchio, only with more violence. This demo contains the first two chapters of P’s Lie, which includes three boss fights and several locations to explore on your way to Hotel Krat.

The game lets players create unique weapons by merging handles and blades, creating weapons with new attributes and styles s things. Each weapon has two fabled arts – one for the blade and one for the handle. They have a wide variety of uses, including boosting defenses or dealing damage. There are three Legion Arm loadouts in the demo, which you can change at the Venigni Craft Machine in Hotel Krat. As with all games of this type, restoring health causes enemies to respawn. Check out this PlayStation.Blog article for hits and tips to help you tackle the three bosses in the demo. Lies of P was originally scheduled for release in August, but was delayed for unknown reasons. The game is available for pre-order now, with different versions of in-game gear to choose from. There’s also a limited edition steelbook edition that comes with a case, hardcover art book, and soundtrack. Now is a great time to be a fan of something like Souls. In addition to Lies of P, the new Lords of Fallen game will be released on October 13th. Check out its strong spec recommendations and interesting trailer here.



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